US Director Zack Snyder Reveals Gaming Habits in Interview

US Director Zack Snyder Reveals Gaming Habits in Interview

US director confesses gaming habits 2:15 p.m.: In an interview with the German Press Agency, US director Zack Snyder (“Justice League”, “300”) said that he was a big gaming fan and often “gambled” computer games at 5 a.m. At the moment he’s taking a little break, according to his wife Deborah Snyder, he’s played too […]

Streamer Twitch Sells Rp. 4.5 Million Farts and Someone Buys You

Jakarta – Cheng Wing Yee or commonly known as Kiaraakitty is acting up again. Streamer Twitch star at the same time OnlyFans It sells its ketut for USD 300 or around IDR 4.5 million. It’s strange that the merchandise sells well, you know. It is known that one person who is a friend of Kiaraakitty, […]

Selling Nude Content on OnlyFans, Game Streamer Earns IDR 505 Billion

Jakarta – Controversial female streamer, Kaitlyn Siragusa aka Amouranthdiscloses his income in OnlyFans. The nude content that he offers, is able to reap a total gross income of up to USD 33.7 million or around Rp. 505 billion. Monitoring results detikINET through his official Twitter, Wednesday (13/7/2022), he also revealed the details of the monthly […]

A banner with the names of 129 victims of feminicide on the red carpet in Cannes

A huge banner with the names of victims of feminicides in France was deployed on the Cannes red carpet on Sunday by members of a feminist collective. The splicers are in the spotlight of a documentary presented in the afternoon on the Croisette. – – Angélique, Evelyne, Sofya, Nadia, a woman… The names or identities […]

Here’s How to Get Money on Twitch, Streamers Must Know

Twitch’s new look. (Twitch blog) – Twitch become a popular live streaming platform, not only for gaming. for the streamer, find out how how to earn money on twitch this. Curious how to make money as a streamer Twitch? Read this article to the end. Today, Twitch is very popular among the public as […]

There is a Server Configuration Change, Twitch Has a Data Leak, Jakarta – Twitch has confirmed that there has been a massive hack that appears to have exposed source code, payout figures streamer and other information. The Twitch team said the data was exposed to the internet due to an error in a Twich server configuration change which was then accessed by a hacking third […]

Twitch Streamer Plans to Strike Streaming For 1 Day, What’s Up?

Jakarta – Streamer at Twitch plans to strike streaming, on 1 September. The reason is, to protest platform issues related to hate speech and harassment. The protests follow an earlier response, titled #TwitchDoBetter, on Twitter in early August. Twitch is judged inadequate and flaccid in responding to racist, sexist, transphobic or xenophobic attacks that streamers […]