ViX+: William Levy returns to television as “Montecristo”

The ViX platform presented the first preview of its dramatic thriller based on the literary classic by Alexandre Dumas, “The Count of Monte Cristo”. This modern adaptation of the novel will arrive this year. “Montecristo” tells the story of “Alexander Montecristo” (William Levy), an enigmatic figure that breaks into the public sphere and generates concern […]

The funny video in which the Dune actor asks Apple to hire him

With more and more streaming platforms, companies are looking to differentiate themselves from their rivals. While, for example, Disney has the emporium of its big brands behind it (such as Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and 20th Century Studios), Apple TV Plus boasts its multimillion-dollar budget, hiring the best actors, directors, and producers to create cinema-quality […]

Amazon increases prices for its music streaming service

WIf he is not part of online retailer Amazon’s Prime program, he will pay more for the tech giant’s music streaming service in the future. Like Amazon on Thursday in an email to subscribers and on its sides announced that the individual subscription will cost EUR 10.99 per month from February 21 instead of EUR […]

comparison of streaming platforms (VOD)

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Canal+ or even Apple TV+: which streaming platform to choose? A brief overview of the price and services of the main VOD players. Comparison of video streaming platforms: Platform Netflix Amazon Prime Disney+ Canal+ Apple TV+ Prix CHF 11.90 to CHF 24.90 per month 5.99 EUR per month or 69 […]

Universal Brings New Horror-Focused Attraction to Las Vegas

hand in hand Universal Parks & Resortsthe creators of Halloween Horror Nights, comes a new attraction to Las Vegas Horror focused. With this offering, Universal will bring to life the famous company’s vast library of classic horror movies and scarier stories. With a variety of unique, immersive and terrifying experiences that are close to energetic […]