Drake vs. Michael Jackson: the debate continues

People are definitely bored on the networks … Americans, their magazines and their high-profile sales ranking systems can lead to complete nonsense. This is exactly what happened when a fortnight ago, American magazine Billboard, which also gives the rankings of music sales, asked his Twitter followers “who was bigger by his prime, Drake or Michael […]

back on stage soon!

It will be at the Festival des Ardentes. Attention, the Belgian festival of Ardentes has just made a big announcement: Stromae will be on the stage for his big comeback live after years of silence. It must be said that the Belgian singer particularly likes this scene which he trod in 2011 and 2014. It […]

single, WhatsApp group, we tell you everything!

We are always trying to find out more. Information on “Classico Organisé” is difficult to obtain. There is no real omerta but let’s say that no one wants (or has the right?) To talk about it despite the many questions that everyone is asking, including us. Fortunately, by digging a little, we still get to […]

The cult group The Fugees, whose singer is Lauryn Hill, is reforming!

The hip-hop group, R’n’B and soul returns to the front of the stage for the 25 years of the album “The Score” The world of hip-hop and soul in joy over the return of the cult group The Fugees ! Known in particular for their hit Killing Me Softly With His Song, a cover of […]

Is Drake stronger than Michael Jackson?

The Billboard asks the question. The numbers that accompany Drake’s latest installment, “Certified Lover Boy” are so incredible they encourage the most flattering comparisons and debates. Thereby, Billboard whose rankings refer to asked the angry question: is Drake doing better than the Beatles and Michael Jackson? They are also artists who once outrageously dominated their […]

Travis Scott wants to explore a new musical style

Exit rap, he wants to get into rock. Travis Scott’s “Utopia” project, which has been awaited for years, should arrive sooner than expected, but not in the style that one would have thought. The rapper hinted in an interview that he could take a radical turn. He wants us to triumph with his music, psychedelic […]

Selah Sue signs her comeback with a groovy and playful track! (video)

Selah Sue we had missed, but here it is! It’s with the single Free Fall, a funky hymn against a backdrop of groove, that the Belgian singer returns to the front of the stage! Propelled to the rank of star thanks to the singles Alone and Raggamuffin, the artist has become much more discreet in […]

Sleepy Hallow flies to South America on “Chicken” and “Mi No Sabe”

Sleepy Hallow leaves no room in the game with a double album “Chicken” and “Mi No Sabe”, both produced by Great John. In the clip, directed by DeadFly Films, the Brooklyn rapper flies to Puerto Rico in South America with “Chicken” and flexes with the locals of La Perla. On “Mi No Sabe”, Sleepy Hallow […]

Lil Loaded is dead!

The reasons for his death are not known. The black series had calmed down a bit lately in American rap but we have just learned the death of Lil Loaded, aged only 20. A few months ago, he had been arrested for murder after having been, already, at the center of a story of settling […]

Lil Reese was in a stolen car when he was shot

These are the conclusions of the police. A few days ago, Lil Reese was caught in a shootout. The rapper from Chicago in particular hit in the head and the eye is still in the hospital. We now know a little more about the circumstances of the tragedy. In the early hours of Sunday, May […]