Surfing California | Outfits | Damen

Shop the Look Let’s go golfing – in a stylish California look with beach appeal. This summer module conveys the lightness and joie de vivre of the American West Coast in a playful way. Elements inspired by surf fashion can now be found on the golf course. Bright colors such as shocking pink and seaside […]

Not only a search engine, ChatGPT seems to be a new hope for games- INSIDE

This article comes from the cooperative media United News NetworkINSIDE reproduced with permission. At present, the chatbot ChatGPT is mainly used in search engines and machine writing, but a player recently tried to use it in video games, so that the non-player characters (NPCs) in the game no longer speak the same words, which is […]

Genevos launches 80kW fuel cell module for ships

[월간수소경제 성재경 기자] French hydrogen power solutions developer Genevos announced on January 27th that it has launched the HPM-80, an 80kW plug-and-play hydrogen fuel cell module for marine applications. The HPM-80 says that fuel cell modules can be connected in parallel to achieve ME (megawatt) scale, which will reduce emissions to zero in energy-intensive applications […]

Smart Home: even wood stoves can be smart

Smart Home technology turns your smartphone into a control center for fireplaces and tiled stoves. This can be used to check comfort, warmth and comfort. Smart Home is generally used as a generic term for technical processes and systems in living spaces and houses, the goal of which is the increase in living and quality […]

what is dead ass syndrome?

Sitting for too long is bad for your health. And it can also be bad for the buttocks. After prolonged sitting, they can become numb or even painful. This is called dead ass syndrome. Our gluteal muscles may be the most powerful muscle groups in our body, but they get stiff if they aren’t used […]