How to lose weight? Paulina lost 22 kilos in half a year

They say that weight loss it’s about the setting in the head. This is exactly the case with Paulina (32). She never dealt with her diet and gradually her weight climbed up to 90 kilos at her 168 centimeters. Then came the impulse to change in the form of breaking up with a friend. She […]

Companies demand courage in sustainable transformation

Frankfurt German insurers want to play an important role in the sustainable transformation of the economy. As institutional investors, they have recently made great efforts to make their investments more climate-neutral and to align them with ecological, social and ethical criteria (ESG). In the insurance business, on the other hand, brokers and companies still see […]

The digital transformation of health insurance

digitization; Our pace of life, which is increasingly intense and fast, and events such as the COVID-19 pandemic have driven the proliferation of telemedicine, which, thanks to the use of technology, allows healthcare professionals to treat their patients remotely . Without a doubt, telehealth is a health care model that is gaining momentum. Aware of […]