an 8th complaint for manslaughter filed against the Remiremont hospital

There are now 8 complaints against the hospital in Remiremont, in the Vosges, for manslaughter. Six judicial inquiries have also been opened, announced the public prosecutor of Epinal. Several families denounce the loss of loved ones in circumstances that question. What is disturbing for the families is the similarity in the paths of most of […]

4 tips for a successful vegetable garden

I received many, many questions on my Instagram account at the start of the year. For the most part, you don’t want to miss the steps to successful vegetable gardening this year. I will therefore take advantage of this column to answer your questions! Marie: Hello Pierre, you told us about a germination technique for […]

The Big Heads return to the Denis Brogniart affair

Discover the Big Heads of Monday, January 30, 2023! Laurent Ruquier presents to you today’s board: a Big Head nicknamed the Emperor of RTL and who has contributed enough for the retreat from Russia: Fabrice. A Big Head who returns tonight on M6 with a new season of “Love is in Pre-Retirement”: Karine Le Marchand. […]

How did Louis de Funès appear in a Marvel movie?

It seems completely improbable and even downright impossible since the very first Marvel movie, Iron Man was released in 2008, 25 years after the death of the favorite French comic. And yet, yes, Louis De Funès did appear in a superhero film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.You may have seen it and yet I’m pretty […]

How Edward Hopper tells a melancholy side of America

Edward Hopper has an impressive ability to draw us into everyday scenes, seemingly harmless, which tell a melancholic face of America. The painter, one of the best known American artists. has beautifully told the United States, especially New York, and more generally the loneliness of big cities. His most famous painting is undoubtedly Nighthawks. Three […]

6 p.m. news – What to remember from the “march for our pensions” supported by LFI in Paris

Two days after the strong interprofessional mobilization against the pension reform which brought together more than a million people, the march organized on Saturday January 21 by several youth organizations, supported by France Insoumise, brought together 150,000 people according to the organizers, 14,000 according to the independent firm Occurence. Objective: continue to put pressure on […]

8 a.m. news – War in Ukraine: Europe is struggling to reach an agreement to send a tank

Meeting yesterday in Ramstein, Germany, the European allies have not succeeded, for the time being, in agreeing on the delivery of heavy tanks, which kyiv is demanding. On the other hand, the Europeans have announced substantial new arms deliveries. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted through a video. “We can conclude that Ramstein somehow enhanced our […]

Pension reform: “The quality at work has deteriorated”, according to Alba Ventura

To listen EDITO – Pension reform: “Quality at work has deteriorated”, according to Alba Ventura 00:02:58 Day of mobilization against the pension reform. Does working still have meaning? A little provocation… But no more than Sandrine Rousseau when she asserts that we must work less because “the more we work the more carbon we emit”, […]