‘Fascinable’, eight stories about life and art

Eight narratives make up ‘Fascinable’, the work of Yurre Ugarte published by Alberdania publishing house and presented in San Sebastián. Each one explains very different situations, but as the author herself recognizes, all are wrapped in the same atmosphere, in an environment marked by art. “They are characters wounded by art, because that art, for […]

SECOND B Wilfred, life insurance for CD El Ejido

Jose Manuel Muñoz Garcia, better known in the world of football as Wilfred, He bequeathed in the winter market to a Sports Club El Ejido that needed a change of course in the face of a bad streak that was making him wreck in relegation places. In the 1-1 against Real Murcia in Santo Domingo, […]

Life insurance, among the sectors most affected by the pandemic

The insurance sector, mainly the one that operates in the segment of Lifetime, is among the sectors that are suffering the most significant impact from the pandemic, according to the Informa DBK Sectorial Observatory Cesce’s subsidiary that has just presented its third analysis on the impact of Covid-19 on the Spanish economy. It should be […]

“Rent is a lifetime mortgage that will always go up”

The Association of Real Estate Agents of the Region of Murcia can provide some light. From the epicenter of this market they offer us their vision as professionals in the sector, and show us those dynamics that escape us due to ignorance. The profile of the person who rents in our land is a minority […]

the moments when he made an attempt on his life and the comparison with Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey continues to generate repercussions. In particular, the moment in which Meghan He says that during his duties at Buckingham Palace he sometimes felt an enormous existential void. “She just didn’t want to be alive anymore,” she said. Upon which, she asked for help from those who were […]

Twitter coronavirus interview: “Denialists give us life to viruses”

“How to stealthily end humanity” is the book that the Twitter Coronavirus, an account that became famous since the first cases of the virus were reported in Europe due to the narration satirical he makes of the events about the pandemic. Edited by Barley, addresses issues such as the phenomenon of deniers or the history […]

The successful life of Kamala Harris

At 56, she is the first woman vice president of the United States and the first black woman to hold that position in a nation where racial problems do not cease. Her political career is fascinating: California Attorney General, and Senator (2016), in Washington she was able to stand out with her peculiar style in […]

The Arriaga Theater stages a play by Alex Rigola about life and death

Director Alex Rigola make a song to life in “An undiscovered country from whose confines no traveler returns”, work to be performed on Friday the 19th at the Arriaga Theater. The starting point is the conversation that the playwright and actress Alba Pujol (who interprets herself) maintains with his father, Josep Pujol Andreu (played by […]