British and Swiss researchers say the AstraZeneca vaccine can provide lifelong protection Perlindungan

PR CIREBON – Vaccine AstraZeneca is said to be able to give protection against Covid-19 during lifetime.

The claim comes from the results of research done in from Oxford, English and Swiss.

The study says vaccine Oxford AstraZeneca, the version produced as Covishield in India, offers protection lifetime.

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A new study has found that vaccine Oxford AstraZeneca, which is manufactured and supplied in India under the trade name Covishield, offers protection who can survive lifetime.

Corresponding research, vaccine not only produces antibodies against the SARS-COV-2 virus but also creates a “training camp” in the body.

The camp is to allow T cells to seek out and destroy and even kill new variants of Covid-19.

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As reported from Indian DNA, the study’s authors are scientists who publish in the journal Natur.



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