Death of a couple: Abbreviated negotiations with a tragic end, experts say

The reason for the death of two young people in Prague at the end of the first week of November may have been partnerships. “The most common option is a very unfortunate solution to partner disorders, which means that they may have had some protracted problem and she wanted to break up with him, for […]

Students in Gowa Dies of PJJ Depression, This Psychologist Says

loading… JAKARTA – One school student Winah over (SMA) with the initials MI in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, is suspected of committing suicide by drinking grass poison. Based on the information from the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Gowa Police, AKP Jufri Natsir, the victim is suspected of being depressed because of […]

Married to a Rich Widow, This Sexual Benefit Gets …

Grid.ID – Marriage between different age groups of Muzdalifah and Fadel Islami is often a conversation. Note, besides being older, Muzdalifah is also known as a wealthy widow. In the wedding photo that took place on April 26, 2019, both Muzdalifah and Fadel Islami were very happy. Family and relatives are thrilled to see this […]

It Is Like Destined That Cannot Be Separated from the Number 23 of His Life, Maia …

Instagram Collages @ mulanjameela1 & @maiaestiantyreal Mulan Jameela, Dul Jaelani and Maia Estianty Grid.ID – Indonesian music fans are certainly familiar with the name Duo Ratu, whose members are Maia Estianty and Mulan Jameela. Thanks to the neat collaboration of Maia Estianty and Mulan Jameela, Duo Ratu was once the most popular duo of its […]

Don’t push baby in the comp

“Exposing young children to screens is a public health problem.” The statement slams. Especially falling from a study published by the agency Public Health France in its weekly epidemiological bulletin of January 14. Especially since this conclusion is shared by a team of international researchers who released this Wednesday its work on the impact of […]