Stus case: Medvedchuk ordered to pay the publishing house 300 thousand

Stus case: Medvedchuk ordered to pay the publishing house 300 thousand

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Medvedchuk ordered to pay expenses to the publishing house

The people’s deputy lost the court regarding the book in which he appears, and later the court also ordered him to pay court costs to the defendants.

The Kiev Court of Appeal ordered MP Viktor Medvedchuk to pay Vivat publishing house almost 300 thousand hryvnias of the costs of the trial to ban the book of journalist Vakhtang Kipiani The Vasyl Stus case. The corresponding ruling dated June 1 was posted in the Unified Register of Court Decisions.

“To collect from PERSON_1 (Medvedchuk – ed.) In favor of the Limited Liability Company Vivat Publishing House a court fee for filing an appeal in the amount of UAH 2,305. 20 kopecks. To collect from PERSON_1 in favor of the Limited Liability Company Vivat Publishing House legal aid and expenses related to the consideration of the case in the court of first instance in the amount of UAH 295,772 17 kopecks. “, – reads the text of the resolution.

That is, in total, Medvedchuk must compensate the Vivat publishing house for 298,077, 37 hryvnias.

This decision of the court of appeal comes into legal force from the date of its adoption and can be appealed to the Supreme Court within 30 days.

As a reminder, on October 19, 2020, the Darnytskyi District Court on the complaint of Medvedchuk banned the distribution of Vakhtang Kipiani’s book The case of Vasily Stus. Then Kipiani said that he would challenge this decision of the court on appeal. At the same time, he added that today all copies of the book are sold out, “the warehouses are empty.”

And in March 2021 the court overturned the ban on the book The Case of Vasily Stus… The court also ruled that Viktor Medvedchuk must compensate Vakhtang Kipiani and the Vivat publishing house for the court fee in the amount of UAH 768.4 each.

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What will become of April and Jackson after Grey’s Anatomy?

What will become of April and Jackson after Grey’s Anatomy?

Is a new spinoff series in Boston possible? Actor Jesse Williams leaves the door open.

Seattle is has been. From now on, it’s in Boston that it’s happening! Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy sent Jackson Avery to the US East Coast to head the Family Foundation. He takes April and their daughter Harriet in his suitcases … and also Tom Koracick!

An ideal material to launch an obvious new spin-off: “We’ll see”, the actor answers soberly Jesse Williams in TVLine. “I’m not quite sure … “

“There’s definitely a part of me that wants to be like Jackson, to go out into nature to explore something different and new. That said, I’m really proud of the work and the character that I’ve created. here in this world, and it arouses [l’intérêt des fans]. It would indeed be a damn exciting and dense spin-off, with incredibly talented actors in a world that isn’t really reflected on television, when it comes to the fairness of medicine and the real role that the medical community plays into our lives … So there is something to think about, certainly. I do not say no. We’ll see.”

Grey’s Anatomy: Jesse Williams explains why he leaves the series

Whether the spinoff series sees the light of day or not, one wonders if Jackson and April will end up in Boston. “They make a hell of a couple. They are so popular, for good reason “ takes over the ex-actor of Grey’s Anatomy. “There is a real chemistry, a vulnerability and a willingness to evolve that is very exciting for me, as an actor, not to mention the fans. So I love the idea that they can go away together. in the setting sun. I love that this goes unspoken. We haven’t seen them kissing or hugging. We don’t know if they’re back together as a romantic couple again. for the audience to finish the sentence, to fantasize about how that might work. “


Joshua Jackson is Dr. Death in chilling trailer for new miniseries

Joshua Jackson is Dr. Death in chilling trailer for new miniseries

Adapted from a true story, also starring Christian Bale and Alec Baldwin.

We did not know him so vicious … Joshua Jackson, the handsome kid of Dawson, will play a psychopathic neurosurgeon, in Dr Death, a new mini-series on the American platform Peacock, which today unveils the trailer:

Joshua Jackson will play Dr Christopher Duntsch, from the Dallas side, nicknamed “Dr Death”, a charismatic neurosurgeon who made his mark in the medical community before everything turned sordid!

“Patients entered his operating room for complex but routine spine surgeries and remained permanently mutilated, or died! As the victims crowded in, two fellow doctors, neurosurgeon Robert Henderson and vascular surgeon Randall Kirby (Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater), as well as Dallas prosecutor Michelle Shughart, decided to arrest him“, tease the official synopsis.

Dr Death explore the twisted mind of Dr. Duntsch and the failures of the American medical system. AnnaSophia Robb and Grace Gummer will complete the cast. This 6-part mini-series will air this summer on Peacock. Dr Death does not yet have a broadcaster in France.


The van of the future, GM style

The van of the future, GM style

If there is one segment of the industry that has remained the same over the years, it is the pickup truck. In fact, how can we reinvent a model that necessarily consists of three very specific design elements; an engine compartment, a cabin, as well as a body.

Despite everything, the evolution has been spectacular over the decades. Initially, say from the beginnings until the mid-90s, the improvements were mainly made on the mechanical level; improvement of engines, load capacities, towing, chassis, suspensions, etc.

Then, we then focused on the cabins, which have now become offices on wheels.

This development, which will continue with electrical proposals, will take us elsewhere. But where ? Well to get an idea, a sketch shared by the General Motors (GM) design department gives us a view into the future., 100% online, shop for your car, buy online and we deliver to you in Quebec!

Note that the sketch is not presented as a future model. However, it is clear that what is shown is strongly inspired by the current Chevrolet Silverado. The design of the front part is revealing in this regard. We notice a strong presence, marked by very sculpted features. Then there is this windshield which offers a hyper inclined angle; this will be useful in the future with the increased importance of aerodynamics to maximize every kilometer of electric range.

We also notice a cabin that seems spacious, delimited by the presence of a lowered (two-tone) roof. Also pay attention to the location of the handles, which suggests the presence of doors opening antagonistically. As for the cash register … well, it’s a cash register! The oversized wheels, of course, are typical of a sketch of the genre.

If there is one thing we would like to see on the pickup trucks of the future, it is the return of two-color approaches; this is a way to differentiate products that look alike and that are very numerous on the road.

The work is by Jacky Zhan, who has worked at the General Motors design studio since 2014.


A black Captain America in the MCU: “I had to pinch myself to believe it” [exclu]

A black Captain America in the MCU: “I had to pinch myself to believe it” [exclu]

The director tells us why the Disney + series told an important story, and not just for Marvel …

And Faclon and the Winter Soldier hasn’t always been a great series, it did offer some great moments. Notably when the Marvel Universe turned the table upside down by offering the Captain America costume to Sam Wilson. After a year in full swing in the USA, in the footsteps of “Black Lives Matter”, installing a black hero behind this iconic shield was a very emotional moment, for the spectators, but also on the set:

The director Kari Skogland, who directed all 6 episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, remembers that moment when Sam “open this box Bucky gave him. It was truly a powerful, essential moment. Even if, for the record, there was just nothing in it during the shooting (laughs)! Anthony Mackie played the shock really well! But kidding aside, we shot this sequence on the second day of the shoot and I think that’s when I had to pinch myself to believe it, to realize that we were really going to do this “, insists Kari Skogland in a recent interview with Premiere, specifying that there was another moment to make your hair on your arms, during the production of the Marvel show:

“When Anthony arrived with the Captain America costume on his back on set for the first time … It was really strong. You have to know that we had been working on the design of this costume for months already. ‘It’s unique for Sam. That a black man wears this Captain America costume, it gave us all chills. We were aware of the importance of such a project, for the MCU but for the world in general . We knew what it was. But to see it come to life before our eyes, it was breathtaking. “

Falcon and the Winter Soldier director leaving to helm Captain America 4 [exclu]

Because this episode 6 did not fail to underline the symbolism of this passing of the torch. A decisive moment for the MCU, but not that: “I knew from the start that we were going to come to this. For me, it was the most important story of the series. Quite simply. A major story of our time, with this black man taking over the shield, a quintessential white emblem, whether in the MCU and even in superheroic pop culture, “ decrypts the director and producer of the Disney series.

“So from the start, I wanted to rethink the nature of the hero behind this shield, the Chris Evans who is associated with the character of Captain America, created in a post-WWII era and thought of as an anti-fascist symbol. . He was a somewhat dated hero, because the world has changed. And in fact, the heroes of our world are not the same. After September 11, they became the people on the front lines, those who manage emergencies. And inevitably even more so during the pandemic! Suddenly, it was essential in my opinion to rethink the image of the shield and the hero who wears it.

From now on, it is therefore Sam Wilson, an African-American Avenger, who will defend the colors of America, in the continuation of the Marvel Universe and certainly already in Captain America 4.


Hill House creator is brewing new horror film around Mars

Hill House creator is brewing new horror film around Mars

A new haunting story for Mike Flanagan.

No it will not be The Haunting of Mars, third season of the Netflix anthology. But the creator of Hill House and Bly Manor, Mike Flanagan, is actually preparing a new horror film around space and the red planet.

Director wants to adapt macabre sci-fi novel The Season of Passage (1992) signed Christopher Pike. Mike Flanagan will be behind the camera, but also a producer and will co-write the screenplay with his brother, James Flanagan.

The official synopsis tells us about the Dr. Lauren Wagner, who was a celebrity. She was on the most exciting adventure humanity has ever undertaken: a manned expedition to Mars. The whole world admired and respected her. But Lauren knew fear. Inner voices begging her to love them, related to the group that had preceded her on the Red Planet and had mysteriously disappeared. But are they really dead? Or something else? “

On Twitter, Mike Flanagan specifies that this adaptation of The Season of the Passage “ehas been a dream of mine since I was a teenager “, even revealing to have dreamed at the time of the trailer with Sarah McLachlan and her title “Possession“in soundtrack! We’ll see if he decides to keep this idea when the film is shot … We don’t know when, since the filmmaker is currently working on a film version of Stephen King’s novel, Revival (released 2014) for Warner Bros. and it also buckles The Midnight Club, another horror series for Netflix …


Ford ceases production of sedans in Europe

Ford ceases production of sedans in Europe

A few years ago, when Ford announced the end of sedan production for North America, many doubted this strategy, even pointing to what was happening across the ocean, where the the company continued to market this type of model.

Whether we agree or not, Ford saw the market trends that are causing more and more consumers to move away from four-door cars in favor of SUVs and pickup trucks.

So much so that the ax has just fallen on the Old Continent when Ford announced that the Mondeo, the version of the Fusion that we know well here, would cease to be produced next year, in March 2022.

Marketed in 1992 and then sold in the United States under the Contour name, the first generation Mondeo established itself as one of Ford’s most important models in the 1990s. It was particularly popular in England where it was used. enabled the firm to capture a large share of the local market. By 1995, 118,000 units had been sold there. In 2020? 2400. This is called a spectacular fall.

Here is Shopicar! All models of the year and all current promotions.

According to Ford, via UK magazine Autocar, “changing customer preferences” are to blame for the demise of the model, which is another way of saying that Europeans don’t want sedans any more than Americans. They actually want models that offer a higher driving position. In 2020, 39% of Ford’s European sales were for SUVs of all formats.

Ford stressed that the Mondeo will not be replaced. For those looking for some sort of car shape, a taller leg version of the Fusion is in the works. She is expected to debut before the end of 2021; then we will know that they will be his destinations.

When the Mondeo retires, Ford’s European lineup will be without a sedan for the first time in decades. The hatchback model options are reduced to two with the Fiesta and the Focus, while the only wagon still in the lineup is the Focus.


Top ten of prominent Mexican artists

Top ten of prominent Mexican artists

In the State of Mexico great artists of international scope were born in various disciplines such as plastic arts, literature, dance and music, among them are the following Mexicans whose work is found among the streets, museums and libraries of the entity.

1.- Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

One of the most important writers, not only in the state but in the entire country, was born in San Miguel Nepantla, located in the Mexican municipality of Tepetlixpa, it is recognized for being one of the greatest figures of the Spanish-American letters of the seventeenth century with influence of the Spanish Baroque. In her honor there is the Museum of the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Cultural Center, located on the site where the so-called Tenth Muse was born, as well as an international contest with her name organized by the Secretary of Culture of the State of Mexico.

2.- Laura Méndez de Cuenca

She was a Mexican writer and poet of the 19th and 20th centuries, she was born on August 18, 1853 in Amecameca and died in 1928 in Mexico City; His literary work includes poetry, short story, novel, chronicle, translation, essay, in which he touched on themes such as death, loneliness and pain. In the State of Mexico there is a contest with his name and 2020 was dedicated to commemorate his work and life

3.- Leopoldo Flores

The native of Tenancingo He was a painter, sculptor and muralist, he designed one of the most emblematic venues in Toluca: the Cosmovitral. He promoted Open Art with monumental works accessible to all of society. One of them was the “Aratmosphere” project that covered part of the rocky area of ​​the Coatepec hill, as well as the steps, steps and façade of the Alberto “Chivo” Córdova University Stadium of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico.

4.- Fernando Cano

The also known as “The Sculptor of Fire” left part of his work in different parts of the capital of Mexico.Some of the sculptures of the native of El Oro can be seen at the entrance of the administrative building of the Autónoma Mexiquense, in the facilities of TV Mexiquense, in the University Gallery and in the lobby of the Quimera Theater, where they paid tribute to his work and contribution to the artistic work of Mexico

5.- José María Velasco

Landscaper born in Temascalcingo, he obtained recognition for his works inspired by landscapes and portraits, carried out academic studies on topics such as zoology, botany and archeology, had an international career. In the historic center of the Mexican capital there is a museum that bears his name, to remember their memory and work inside and outside the entity.

6.- Gonzalo Carrasco

He was recognized for his priestly life and as a sacred painter, he studied at the National School of Fine Arts and it has a large list of paintings such as: The despair of Judas, the Sower, the Prodigal Son, The glorification of the Holy Family, The Adoration of the Magi. The four evangelists, The eight angels of the Passion, among others.

7.- Felipe Santiago Gutiérrez

Born in Texcoco in 1924, he was a painter, culture promoter, art critic and teacher at the Literary Institute of Toluca. Part of his work is in various venues and those that have the artist’s work are the National Museum of Colombia and the National Museum of Art in Mexico City and there is a space with his name located in the street of Nicolás Bravo in the capital of Mexico. North Number 303.

8.- Luis Nishizawa

He was a character of the Mexican culture until 2014 when he died in Toluca at the age of 96; He was born in Cuautitlán and dedicated himself to painting, inaugurated one of the traditions of the entity that still survives despite his death: the Judas contest. The Luis Nishizawa Flores Museum – Workshop, in Toluca, was inaugurated in 1992 to recognize his work in the entity.

9.- Carlos Olvera

He was a cultural promoter, writer of short stories, novels, dramaturgy and poetry, promoter of the Tunastral Literary Café, founded the first House of Culture of the State of Mexico and was director of the Museum of Modern Art, which bore his name until the state Secretary of Culture decided to remove it from the place.

10.- Elisa Carrillo

The texcocana She is currently the only Mexican who has managed to be the First Dancer of the Staatsballett Berlin, one of the most important ballet companies in the world. The multi-award-winning star also offers a scholarship in her name to promising young dancers.



Libertadores Feminine: Prowess of America

Libertadores Feminine: Prowess of America

BUENOS AIRES. Morón Stadium. Catalina Usme (captain) and Katherine Tapia (goalkeeper), tears of a historic classification of América de Cali against the favorite Corinthians, definition from the penalty spot, 4 × 3, to advance to the final of the Libertadores Femenina. Foto @AmericaCaliFem.

* América de Cali wrote a page with the flavor of prowess at the Estadio Nuevo Francisco Urbano stadium, in the town of Morón, Buenos Aires, by eliminating the current champion Corinthians from the penalty spot, who scored 35 goals in favor and one in this tournament against, which he received today at 90 + 3 from the American Joemar Guarecuco.

In this way, the Colombian team qualified for the final. The other semifinal will be played tomorrow Thursday between Ferroviaria (Brazil) and Universidad de Chile.


Corinthians dominated the actions from start to finish although they found a rival who countered all their offensive attempts, who closed spaces, who waited for the Brazilians.

The goal came in the 58th minute with veteran defender and captain Tamires, a left-footed shot that goalkeeper Katherine Tapia was unable to deflect.

When everything pointed to the triumph of the Brazilian team, a goal came from another game through Joemar Guarecuco that managed to encompass a shot that washed over Tania Borges, a goalkeeper who had not received a single shot in the entire match.

Encouraged by that unexpected emotional incentive, they went to the definition from the penalty spot. While the Americans converted all four (100% effectiveness), Corinthians met Katherine Tapia who stopped two of the charges.


America: Katherine Tapia; Tatiana Castañeda, Daniela Arias, Leury Basanta, Lizeth Ocampo, Mildrey Pineda, Diana Ospina, Sara Martínez, Catalina Usme, Gisela Robledo, Wenwy Bonilla.
Coach: Andrés Usme.

Corinthians: Tania Borges; Katioscia Fermandes, Ingrid Frisano, Gabriela Nunes da Silva, Poliana Barbosa, Tamires Dias, Adriada Leal, Victoria Albuquerque, Giovanna Crivelari, Andressa Cavalari.
Coach: Arthur Ribas.

So were the penalties:

Corinthians (2): Sparrow (goal), Juliete (goal), Gabi Nunes (shot), Adriana (goal) and Campiolo (shot).

America de Cali (4): Catalina Usme (goal), Gabriela Rodríguez (goal), Anlly Iglesias (goal) and Diana Ospina (goal).


‘Masters of sewing’ celebrates its repechage and Susi Caramelo stops by ‘El Hormiguero’

‘Masters of sewing’ celebrates its repechage and Susi Caramelo stops by ‘El Hormiguero’

And also … ‘The debate of the Temptations’ reveals tonight who has asked for a bonfire of confrontation.

The repechage arrives at ‘Maestros de la couture’ with a visit from Oscar (10:00 p.m.)

Masters of sewing reaches the equator and the apprentices are already involved in the dynamics of the competition, although they should not be trusted because each challenge has its risk. This week, the jury will give a second chance to one of those expelled, but the rest of the contestants who fight for the golden mannequin will have to make a current and trendy black dress in the first test, reproduce 19th century dresses by teams and recycling an old garment to get rid of disposal. In the first test of the night, the apprentices must overcome with a classic. The designer Roberto Diz will visit the workshop and will encourage them to bet everything on black.

In the team challenge, the contestants will travel to the Teatro Real in Madrid, where they will receive a masterclass in sewing by one of the most important costume designers in the world: the winner of three Oscars Sandy Powell (Shakespeare in Love, The Aviator, Carol, The favourite). The teams will have to reproduce two suits from the Royal Theater’s tailoring shop, which would be worn by women of the upper bourgeoisie of the 19th century. In addition, in this same test, one of the expelled trainees will return to the workshop. For the repechage, Mariana Barturen, one of the best hat makers in Spain, will give each of the participants a flower that they must integrate into their design.

In the elimination test, black aprons will face circular fashion, recycling or upcycling, that is, making new clothes from something that already exists to give the garments a second chance. The apprentices will be able to demonstrate their creativity and teach everything they have learned by recycling one of the garments they have made in the workshop in other programs. They will have the advice of “las Retales”, Bibiana Fernández and Anaben Alonso. In addition, María Escoté will also participate in this test by transforming one of her garments.

Sean Connery is James Bond in La 2 with ‘Never say never again’ (22: 00h.)

The veteran secret agent James Bond is in a clinic on rest. However, when the Spectra organization steals two nuclear missiles, they are tasked with stopping the intentions of these villains. The adventure will take you from England to the Bahamas and the south of France, always haunted by the beautiful but deadly Fatima Blush.

This revision of “Operation Thunder” marked the return of Sean Connery as agent 007 after the stage started by Roger Moore. In 1971 Connery flatly refused to return to play James Bond, however, the fans of the series demanded his return, so he finally agreed to star in this “Never Say Never Again”. In fact, his return, and the prospect of saying goodbye to Connery as Bond, is one of the few draws to the film, which the critics, in general, did not treat very well. Another highlight is the always seductive “Bond girls”, this time, played by Kim Basinger (in one of her early roles) and Barbara Carrera. As for the director, it is Irvin Kershner (“The empire strikes back”).

‘El Hormiguero’ opens the week with the visit of Susi Caramelo (9:45 p.m.)

The Hormiguero 3.0 The week starts with a smile assured when receiving the presenter, reporter and comedian Susi Caramelo, one of the most daring and carefree faces on television. The comedian has made her mischievous and clever style her hallmark.

Bahar asks Piril to go with her back to Istanbul (10:40 p.m.)

Suat, who came to take Piril away, doesn’t want to let Sarp bother his daughter any more. Bahar will surprise everyone and ask Piril to go with her back to Istanbul. Because now the protagonist is determined to go to Tarlabaşı and tell the police everything… Will Piril comply with Bahar’s request? What will Sarp think? Also, while Nezir has new clues about the movements of Sarp, Piril and company, Sirin will receive his own medicine at work. In turn, Arif will alert Ceyda about the serious situation that Bahar is experiencing. The neighbor of the protagonist will continue to know even more about Emre’s new life.

Karl Urban and Sofía Vergara have a ‘Plan of revenge’ in Cuatro (10:50 p.m.)

Danny Gallagher, a discredited narcotics detective, is released from prison and plans to get revenge on the accuser who framed him and killed his partner. In his quest, Gallagher is forced to confront a seductive and relentless government agent, who may or may not be on his side, and his mentor, a retired police officer who has fought corruption his entire career.

Action ” Thriller ” starring Karl Urban (” Star Trek ”, ” Lord of the Rings ”, ” Doom ”, ” Thor: Ragnarok ”), Sofía Vergara (” Modern Family ”, ” Stepping on our heels! ”, ” Chef ”) and Andy Garcia, nominated for an Oscar for ” The Godfather: Part III ”, and also known for ” Ocean’s Eleven ”, ” Words on bathroom walls ” or ” Passengers ”.

‘The debate of the Temptations’ reveals today who has asked for a confrontational bonfire (10:00 p.m.)

The latest events in ‘The Island of Temptations’ have led one of the protagonists to the need to reconnect with his partner and during ‘The Debate of Temptations’ it will be revealed who requests the celebration of the confrontational bonfire. In addition, the space will broadcast the first minute of the sixth installment of the program, with Lucía’s reaction upon waking up after having slept with Lola and Carlos.

‘A policeman in distress’, successful French comedy by Dany Boon, on laSexta (10:30 p.m.)

Johanna Pasquali is a young policewoman but she is not like the others. For the other policemen she is nice but totally void. However, endowed with good skills, her clumsiness makes her a threat to criminals … And to people. She is assigned minor missions, but she trains tirelessly, in her spare time, to realize her dream of being the first woman to join the elite raid group, the Special Corps.