The King of Thailand can be expelled if it is proven to rule from Germany – Parliament German declared the King Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn will be expelled if proven to run the government from his villa in Bavaria. For a long time he lived in Europe in the Thai public spotlight amid the raging protests. Bundestag, the term for parliament Germany, however, said that Vajiralongkorn enjoyed diplomatic immunity during […]

Minimum Wage of Only IDR 3.4 Million Is This the Cause for Automotive Investors …

loading… JAKARTA – The minimum wage is more or less an indication of automotive investors in investing and developing their products. At least this was revealed by the Secretary General of the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (Gaikindo) Kukuh Kumara in a webinar held by the Automotive Journalists Forum (Forwot) and the Industry Journalists Forum (Forwin) […]

Protest in Thailand Continues, 2,500 Pedemos Take to Courtyard Street all

BANGKOK, – For protesters of Thailand Another anti-government demonstration on Saturday (11/14/2020) evening local time in Bangkok. Protests in Thailand has been going on for months Reuters. The thousands of people who took to the streets also chanted reforms monarchy of Thailand. Meanwhile in another place, several kilometers away, thousands loyalist the Thai government […]

Germany Opens Voice over Allegations of Violation of the King of Thailand

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Government German revealed that his party found no evidence of an alleged violation of power King of Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn while staying there. This was disclosed by the German Press Office, DPA, citing a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Reported Straits Times, The King has spent most of his […]

After selling fried foods, Thai Airways is now auctioning 34 of its aircraft – Airline management Thai Airways International Pcl or Thai Airways are doing various ways so that companies can survive in the midst of the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19). In order to avoid bankruptcy, the company decided to sell its 34 aircraft fleet as part of the company’s restructuring efforts. Reporting from Bangkok Post, Thai […]

Only in Thailand! People Demo Gegara Porn Sites Close

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Government of Thailand officially bans Pornhub and 190 other sites that display pornography. Thailand’s Digital Minister Puttipong Punnakanta said the block was part of restrictions to access to porn and gambling that was illegal under the country’s cyber crime law. But strangely, this led to outrage in the white elephant country […]

Finally flinched, the King of Thailand came home and greeted the Protestants and even invited international media in the annual palace ceremony, to ‘wash hands’ so that the German government wouldn’t detain them?

Sosok.ID – Thailand is in chaos with thousands of Protestants taking to the streets. These Protestants are Protestants who demand reform of government. The anti-government masses calling for reforms are growing monarchy in the White Elephant country. Also Read: Its strategic location and close to the South China Sea, this Southeast Asian country could become […]