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Preventing Pneumonia in Healthy Young Adults: The Four Major Culprits Revealed

Health Center/Reported by Chen Ciling

▲If a healthy young man suddenly dies of pneumonia, it is often difficult for his family to accept it. (Schematic diagram/data photo)

A person with white hair giving a person with black hair is a scene that many people don’t want to see, especially when a healthy young man dies due to pneumonia, which is even more unacceptable. In this regard, Huang Xuan, a minimally invasive endoscopic intensivist, shared on the 27th that people in the intensive care unit are often questioned, “How could my child die of pneumonia when he is obviously a healthy young man?” Some people even ask rudely. : “Doctor, are you making a mistake?” These are all understandable, but the cruel truth is not what you see… At the same time, he also pointed out the “four major culprits” and said bluntly that “bad living habits also damage the immune system”. This is the real fact!

Huang XuanzaiFacebookHe said that young people themselves and even their families agree that young people are very healthy, and a little “influenza virus infection”, “new coronavirus infection”, and “streptococcus pneumoniae infection” are not likely to cause death. But in fact, when you see the health of young people, they may not be really healthy. Huang Xuan pointed out that the “four major culprits” are smokers, drinkers, insomniacs, and obese people.

Huang Xuan explained that many research reports have confirmed that if smokers are compared with non-smokers, smokers are more than twice as likely to get pneumonia as non-smokers, and they are also more likely to have severe complications, including dyspnea, sepsis, and even death. Once hospitalized, smokers are more likely to be admitted to the intensive care unit due to pneumonia. If you are infected with pneumonia, it will take longer for symptoms to recover, which is better than for ordinary non-smokers.

Huang Xuan said that drinkers are also divided into moderate and heavy drinkers, and the chance of getting pneumonia is more than 2-3 times. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), moderate drinking is defined as up to 4 drinks per day and 14 drinks per week for men, and up to 3 drinks per day and 7 drinks per week for women; heavy drinking is defined as more than 4 drinks per day for men. cups or more than 14 cups per week, and women more than 3 cups per day or more than 7 cups per week. When compared to people who don’t drink alcohol, the results are the same as those of smokers.

Huang Xuan mentioned that insomniacs who suffer from long-term insomnia or stay up late are actually very harmful to their health. When you are deprived of sleep for a long time, it will affect the secretion of many hormones, such as melatonin and corticosteroids, which are important secreted substances in adjusting immune function. Therefore, young people stay up late or have insomnia repeatedly for a long time, and their immune function is low without even realizing it. Obese people are prone to pneumonia because fat accumulates in the tissues around the lungs, limiting lung activity and the movement of alveoli and tracheae. Sputum caused by bacterial or viral infections is difficult to cough up, especially if the BMI exceeds 40. These serious conditions Complications and mortality will also increase.

Huang Xuan reminded that there is still time to save these young people, including quitting smoking, quitting drinking, quitting staying up late, and resisting obesity… These are the best prevention methods. At the same time, don’t forget that there are also three detoxification methods for three types of infections, namely Get flu shots, COVID shots, and strep shots. Finally, Huang Xuan called on “bad habits” in life to be the biggest risk that catches people off guard. Health starts by cultivating good habits at a young age, rather than waiting until you are sick or old to start defending yourself. It will be too late!

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Smoking harms others and yourself. Quitting smoking can reduce the harm to your health.
Smoking can cause lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and emphysema
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Please do not drink alcohol if you are underage. Excessive drinking is harmful to your health!

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