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6 tips to prevent pneumonia during weather fluctuations

Written by Rania Amer

Friday, November 24, 2023 10:00 AM

With the onset of the winter season, many individuals, especially children, are exposed to throat and respiratory infections, including: Pneumonia It is an inflammation of the air sacs of one of the lungs, and sometimes both, which leads to a cough accompanied by mucus, fever, difficulty breathing, and chest pain. This inflammation is a source of concern for people with a weak immune system, the elderly, or children, and the causes of infection are due to a viral infection. , bacteria, or fungi, according to what was published on the website hindustantimes.

Exposure to severe stress, malnutrition, and lack of sleep are among the things that weaken the body’s immunity, according to what Dr. Anjali R. Nath, Pulmonology Consultant, Sparsh Hospital, Bangalore, said, noting that the symptoms of pneumonia include chest pain, coughing, and phlegm. Sweating, lethargy, chills, fever, and vomiting.

Tips to reduce the risk of pneumonia

– Regular hand washing reduces the risk of infection.

– Avoid contact with sick people.

– Eat fresh, seasonal natural fruits and probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria for the intestines, such as yogurt, in your diet on a daily basis, in addition to eating foods such as garlic, which enhances immunity and prevents the growth of bacteria, and vegetables rich in antioxidants.

Practicing sports activities, such as brisk walking for 30 minutes in addition to yoga, not only improves general health, but also helps the body fight infection, and breathing exercises on a regular basis improve lung capacity.

– Get enough sleep for at least 8 hours at night.

– Avoid crowded places as much as possible.

The report confirmed that when these daily habits are followed, which include adequate sleep, regular physical activity, and a diet rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins that strengthen the immune system against allergic diseases and various infections, adherence to these guidelines reduces the risk of pneumonia infection.

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