We’ve tested the OnePlus 11. Has OnePlus found its form again?

What kind of phone is this? OnePlus didn’t have its best year last year, the OnePlus 10 Pro took months to be released in Sweden. Then when it was time for the OnePlus 10T, it wasn’t very much better than the 10 Pro, which can certainly be heard from the name. Now OnePlus is at […]

Gameplay trailer for S04 of Battlefield 2042. It’s called Eleventh Hour.

Here we have a small gameplay trailer for the fourth season of Battlefield 2042. The season is called Eleventh Hour and it launches on February 28th. The season will include a new map, Specialist, weapons, vehicles and a Battle Pass with 100 new levels. ea.com Games, Multiplatform, Battlefield 2042, Battlefield 6, EA, Dice Advertisement from […]

Creative releases Outlier Free. Wireless headphones with bone conduction.

Creative is now releasing a pair of wireless headphones with bone conduction, or bone conduction as it’s also known, which sends vibrations to the user’s jawbone to transmit sound waves to the inner ear. Creative calls its bone-conduction headphones Outlier Free and they resemble the headphones that, among others, Shokz has sold for many years. […]

Uzone | AMP – Dante dan Nero Devil May Cry 5 Nongol by Game Free Fire

Uzone.id – You fans game Devil May Cry (DMC) 5 and happened to play game mobile Free Fire too? This is really fitting, because Garena announced a collaboration between Free Fire and DMC 5, where there are exclusive skins and other items that can be obtained in a limited time. This collaboration has started since […]