Additional strategies for managing type 2 diabetes in females | Republika Online

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — For female patients, diabetes can affect many aspects of health, starting from sexual and reproductive health, kidney disease, and nerve problems. Making efforts to control it is important, because the case diabetes has increased in all age groups and sexes. Diabetes can reduce libido and a woman’s ability to enjoy intimacy. They […]

Not only consuming excess sugar, these 6 daily habits can also trigger diabetes!

Diabetes is a disease that is also suffered by many Indonesian people. This is inseparable from the diet of most people who are still considered unhealthy. For example, happy to eat sweet foods that contain excess sugar. Even so, besides consuming excess sugar, there are a number of other habits that can also trigger diabetes. […]

Diabetes in Children Can Be Started from a High-Carbohydrate Diet

JAKARTA (RIAUPOS.CO) – Pediatrician Dr. Piprim Basarah Yanuarso, SpA(K) reminded parents that type 2 diabetes in children can be started from a diet with a high glycemic index such as high in carbohydrates, flour, sugar and trans fats. The Chairman of the Central Board of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) explained that if children are […]

Pediatric Diabetes Patients Must Check Blood Sugar Regularly 7-10 Times a Day

Only 20 percent of children with diabetes have their blood glucose checked regularly above 3x. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Head of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) Endocrinology Coordinating Work Unit Dr. Muhammad Faizi SpA(K) advises children with diabetes, especially type 1, to ideally undergo blood sugar checks seven times or up to 10 times in a […]

Is it true that diabetes can trigger baldness? Page all – Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. This disease is one of the health problems that often haunts the community. Diabetes can affect all parts of the sufferer’s body, including causing hair loss to baldness. Also read: Can Diabetics Eat Bananas? Then, is it true that diabetes can trigger […]

4 things that exacerbate the risk of diabetes, are still often done by people

Many habits that should not be done because it increases the risk of diabetes. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Eating healthy food is the lifestyle choice most associated with a reduced risk diabetes type 2. Reducing sweet, fried, processed foods, and having a healthy diet that includes consumption of berries, fatty fish, and green leafy vegetables is […]

Causes of diabetes mellitus at a young age, not only due to excessive consumption of Boba

INDOZONE.ID – Diabetes mellitus (DM) or diabetes is one of the deadly diseases. Diabetes can cause complications that attack the kidneys, heart and can even cause blindness. Diabetes mellitus is characterized by high blood sugar levels accompanied by disorders of carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism due to impaired insulin function. Diabetes mellitus is divided into […]

Constant tiredness can be a sign of type 1 diabetes

Not only genetics, but also environmental factors are “involved” in a person’s diabetes condition. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Do you often feel tired? Warning, persistent tiredness can be a sign that you have type 1 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association says that in 2019 nearly 1.9 million Americans have it type 1 diabetes of which about […]