Implant chips with green certificates in Sweden (Video)

The Swedish company Epicenter has started offering the implantation of an NFC chip containing a Kovid certificate in the palm of the hand. According to the developers, this will eliminate the worry that the phone may be lost or forgotten, and with it the green certificate will disappear, reports Metro, quoted by The chip […]

FBI gets user data from messengers – media

Photo: FBI can receive data from instant messengers The US intelligence services, if there is an order, receive data from the developers of popular instant messengers in a legal way. Messengers WhatsApp and iMessage can transfer personal data of users to the US FBI. It is reported by Rolling Stone. Specifically, WhatsApp gives out […]

Roscosmos has developed a ship for suborbital tourism

Photo: Roscosmos Russia plans to develop space tourism The crew will be outside the sealed capsule, directly in outer space in spacesuits, the developers say. The Russian rocket and space corporation Energia, which is part of the Roscosmos corporation, has patented a suborbital ship for space tourists and high-altitude parachute jumping. It is reported by […]

Apple breaks tradition and will accept new apps during the end of the year

Apple has broken tradition And this Christmas it will accept that developers send requests for their applications to be published on its ‘software’ platform, the App Store, although it has warned that the process may take longer than usual. Coinciding with the Christmas shopping period, Apple does not usually allow applications for admission of ‘apps’ […]

Evergrande avoids default for the third time – media

Evergrande tries to avoid default The Chinese company paid interest on bonds three times within a week, avoiding default. The Chinese real estate developer China Evergrande Group managed to avoid default for the third time in several days by paying interest on dollar-denominated bonds, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing sources. According to CreditSight, Evergrande […]

BioNTech / Pfizer requests EU approval to vaccinate children

BioNTech / Pfizer requests EU approval to vaccinate children 5-12 years old In Europe, for the first time, COVID vaccination of children aged 5-12 may be allowed. The vaccine developers have assured that the drug is safe. Pfizer and BioNTech have requested a COVID vaccination license for children aged 5 to 11. About it informs […]

CacheLib, Facebook’s open source tool for DRAM-free caching

In a technical note on its technology, Facebook explains the problem of DRAM in caching operations, especially when the needs are exploding. The cost then becomes high, as does the consumption. The company has gone through a hybrid model, relying as much on RAM as NVM (non-volatile memory), in other words SSDs. This model is […]

Apple enters into settlement with US developers – rule changes on the App Store await

In 2019, a group of small American developers filed a lawsuit against Apple in which they claimed that the company’s App Store is an illegal monopoly. During ongoing competition crime investigations around the world, Apple has now chosen to enter into a settlement with the developers. The settlement was presented in two press releases, and […]