Difficult rescue: mother and son injured in toboggan accident Regional

Hilscheid – Serious tobogganing accident in the Erbeskopf winter sports area (Rhineland-Palatinate)! A mother and her son went down a ski slope on a tractor tire tube, lost control and crashed into an old wooden hut. The two were seriously injured. +++ BILD is now also available on TV! Click here for BILD LIVE +++ […]

In an accident in Rivne, a car was torn in half

Photo: Telegram / Magnolia TV The accident happened at two in the morning The car flew into the pole and caught fire. The fire was extinguished by rescuers and the driver was unblocked from the passenger compartment. In Exactly at night, the car crashed into a pole. The impact literally ripped the vehicle in two. […]

Bezos puffed his lips with a facelift before taking off into space in May

American billionaire Jeff Bezos (with a hat) and his brother Mark after a space trip. PHOTO: PHOTO: Reuters Did Jeff Bezos have a space lift? The billionaire’s dramatically swollen lips and smooth tight cheeks have sparked rumors that he underwent cosmetic surgery with filings before his launch into space with the Amazon Blue Origin rocket, […]

In Rivne region, a teenager was hospitalized due to a snake bite

In the Rivne region, a snake bit a child Since the beginning of the year, six people have bitten snakes in the region. Moreover, two cases occurred in July. A 12-year-old boy was hospitalized in the Rivne regional children’s hospital after being bitten by a snake. About this on Saturday, July 24, informed in the […]

Results 21.07: Nord Stream and tariff growth

Photo: nord-stream2.com United States and Germany reach agreement on Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline The USA and Germany have officially agreed to complete the construction of the SP-2 gas pipeline; In Ukraine, tariffs for hot water and heating will increase in the fall; Korrespondent.net highlights the main events of yesterday. USA reached an agreement […]

An explosion occurred at a chemical plant in Rivne

Photo: charivne.info Explosion at RivneAzot In RovnoAzot, a pipeline in the nitric acid production shop was depressurized, resulting in the release of nitrous gases. At the RovnoAzot plant on Tuesday, July 20, an explosion occurred at the production of nitric acid. The GSChS reports that emissions do not pose a threat, according to a local […]

Countries apparently agree: Corona shutdown will be extended

The new year has just started and things are already happening in quick succession: Today the Conference of Ministers of Education interconnect to to advise on how to proceed in the schools. Saxony-Anhalt’s Education Minister Marco Tullner (CDU) had recently said that he thought it was likely that there would be a change between face-to-face […]