IN PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Operation against illegal mining left 15 captured

Those captured were sent to jail. / PHOTO: AIR FORCE. In the village of Llano Gordo in the municipality of Dabeiba, West of Antioquia, the authorities discovered a gigantic complex of illegal gold mining in the tunnel mode. / PHOTO: FORCE AREA. The specialized director against Human Rights Violations, Deicy Jaramillo Rivera, announced that several […]

Ukrainian was first accused of piracy

Photo: The incident occurred on a ship that flew the flag of the Marshall Islands The suspect hijacked a ship in the Indian Ocean last summer, after which he demanded and received a ransom. In Ukraine, a man was detained, who is suspected of hijacking a ship in the Indian Ocean last year. This […]

UN found evidence of Russian war crimes in CAR – NYT

“Military instructors” from the Russian Federation are going to be accused of war crimes in the CAR – media Russian mercenaries, acting under the guise of unarmed military advisers, together with CAR government troops robbed houses, seized schools, and killed civilians, media reported. The United Nations has collected evidence of the war crimes of Russian […]

Captured for attempted murder in the San José de Ibagué neighborhood

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Life Unit charged José Flaminio Barragán Fernández and Carlos Enrique Montoya Campo with charges before a Guarantee Control Court for trying to assassinate a brother of ‘Leo Maleo’. The events for which the two men are being investigated, including a Venezuelan citizen, took place on May 14, 2020, when they […]

Scheme with import of cars or cocaine behind the shooting of Nikolay Drakopolov

l The 46-year-old man had business partners with cars, but part with a scandal l His contacts are being investigated with drug traffickers and captured shipments from recent months Conflict with business partners with the import of cars, seized shipments of cocaine or a warning to other people with whom Nikolai Drakopolov was close. These […]

38 captured during operations this weekend in Cartagena | THE UNIVERSAL

The National Police captured, over the weekend, 38 alleged criminals in different procedures, where six firearms, ammunition of different calibers, 237 knives and more than 900 doses of narcotics were seized, including marijuana, coca base, bazuco and synthetic drugs. The operations were deployed in the neighborhoods of San Francisco, Olaya Herrera, Colombiaton, November 11 and […]

Gravitational waves: Detect the largest emission ever captured – Science – Life

Astrophysicists detected the most massive emission of gravitational waves on record, and they believe that its origin could be the merger of two black holes. The fusion product is the first clear detection of an “intermediate mass” black hole, with a mass between 100 and 1,000 times that of the sun. (You may be interested: […]

On video | They rescued a baby kidnapped in Cartagena in Repelón

After almost eight hours of intense search, the National Police managed to rescue a newborn who had been kidnapped this Sunday morning in the city of Cartagena (Bolívar). According to the authorities, the baby, barely 20 days old, was found in the village of Rotinet, in Repelón (Atlántico), at around 5:00 in the afternoon. The […]