Tesla Cybertruck, CyberLandr and the non-standard project for a house on wheels

Cybertruck it is certainly the boldest and most controversial project we have seen from Tesla so far. Although about two years have passed since its introduction, the production process is still slow and its start has been postponed from next year. When will the Tesla Cybertruck appear? We will have to wait However, this did […]

Camper home furnishings for the smallest of spaces

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The number of mobile homes is increasing sharply

In the southwest as well as in all countries of Germany, the number of mobile homes rose sharply in the past year. According to the results of the vehicle statistics from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the number of mobile homes in the southwest increased to 101,862 as of January 1, 2021. This increased the […]

SAIC V90 Villa Edition, the incredible camper with terrace

The camper with sea view terrace on the roof From today there is a way to enjoy life as a camper in an alternative way, not in the classic “low cost holiday” style camping, but in a camper that becomes a luxury home. That’s right, it sounds unbelievable but it’s reality. This is possible thanks […]

Nashville Explosion, it’s hunt for those responsible – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 25 – The people responsible for the Nashville explosion are hunted: the police have released online the image of the camper whizzing through the streets of the city hours before the explosion, asking anyone with information to contact authorities The vehicle would have been parked at the site of the explosion […]

Great demand for campers: camper instead of hotel rooms – Munich

Staffelbach – Drive wherever you want. And leave as soon as it gets tired. That is the charm of camping. Given the corona pandemic, this type of vacation is particularly popular this summer. The owners of mobile homes are happy about a great demand. There are also many customers who want to try camping for […]

Campania, 9 new positives and one victim. Plasma therapy begins

coronavirus bulletin May 13 twelve o’clockMay 13, 2020 – 8:13 am “I’m waiting for the data with chills,” says Governor De Luca fearing negative effects of reopening. Minister Boccia also speaks of it in Benevento: «Reopen with caution, risk of outbreaks» of ChMarasca and LuMarconi Down the contagions in Campania. This, however, is the situation […]