Armed separatist surrendered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine –

Photo: “LPR” separatist surrendered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine Unable to withstand the bullying and constant humiliation from his colleagues, the guy decided to voluntarily move to the territory controlled by Ukraine. In the JFO zone on Tuesday, September 28, an armed separatist of the so-called “LPR” voluntarily surrendered to the Ukrainian military. […]

Andrew Cuomo leaves New York government; claims to be the victim of a “hasty trial”

Outgoing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he had been the victim of a “political firecracker” while preparing to step down on Monday after resigning on allegations of sexual harassment. In a prerecorded farewell speech, the until recently powerful Democrat insisted that the investigation that showed he sexually harassed multiple women, including female employees, had […]

new charge against Andrew Cuomo

The governor of New York State, already suspected of sexual harassment, is now accused of touching. A new accuser claims he touched her inappropriately on several occasions. Already accused of sexual harassment, the governor of New York State is now facing new testimony. Employee accuses him of putting her hand under her blouse and touching […]

New York governor falls for sexual harassment

Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation under pressure from eleven accusers and Joe Biden. The Angels Andrew Cuomo ended up bending under the pressure. That of his entourage, that of the media, that of his party and even that of President Joe Biden, who, for several days, have all called for his resignation. Over the past […]

United States: accused of sexual harassment, the governor of New York State resigns

POLICY – Accused of sexual harassment by several women in a damning report released last week, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation from the ten-year post he had held. The drafting of LCI with AFP – 2021-08-10T19:23:32.571+02:00 End clap for Andrew Cuomo. The governor of New York State, accused of sexual harassment […]

New York state governor accused of sexual harassment announces resignation

Andrew Cuomo is leaving his post after the publication of an investigative report by the New York prosecutor accusing him of harassing several women several days ago. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, accused of sexual harassment by multiple women, announced his resignation on Tuesday, a week after a damning report on the case. Read […]

Instagram develops a new tool to limit harassment on the platform

Instagram has started testing a new security feature called Limits, which will provide users with the ability to temporarily lock their accounts to avoid any potential interaction when they feel they are being harassed. The announcement of the feature came through a video shared by Adam Mosseri, director of Instagram, in which he highlighted the […]

The governor of New York, accused of sexual harassment, soon heard by justice (media)

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is scheduled to be heard in court on Saturday to answer charges of sexual harassment made several months ago by former employees, US media said Thursday. Andrew Cuomo is expected to answer questions from investigators at the New York State Attorney General’s Office, a sign that the investigation started […]