UPDATE: Add 104 Cases in Depok, 2 Covid-19 Patients Died Page all

DEPOK, KOMPAS.com – City government Depok recorded 104 new cases Covid-19 on Monday (10/5/2021) yesterday. In addition, 231 patients were claimed to have recovered and 2 patients died from Covid-19. There are now 1,240 active cases of Covid-19 in Depok who still have to undergo isolation and treatment, a reduction of 129 people compared to … Read more

Drama 3 Chapters of Bu Wati Who Are Expelled from the Issue of Ngepet Pigs

Jakarta – Mrs. Wati evicted by the residents because of the drama the hog is the hog which was blamed on his neighbors. This Mrs. Wati moved from his residence in Kampung Baru, Bojonggede, Bogor Regency. “What else do I want to do, I have followed the people there, I left Kampung Baru. After the … Read more

Suspect of Engineering Issues of Ngepet Pig in Depok Confessing to Mistake and Apologizing

DEPOK, KOMPAS.com – AI (44), suspected spreader hog hoax hoax in Bedahan, Sawangan, Depok, West Java, apologized to the public for his actions. He is currently being held by the Depok Metro Police. “I first want to apologize profusely. The incident on Tuesday which was viral, the hog ngepet, was hoax or fake news, news … Read more

This Mother is Viral After the Appearance of a Ngepet Pig in Depok is Stupid

Jakarta – The furor over the case of hogs in Bedahan, Sawangan, Depok, West Java, is not over though many parties, including the Ministry of Religion and LIPI, ensure that there is no such thing as swallowed pork or imitation pork.. Now a viral mother is claiming that I know who is the figure behind … Read more

Police Unload Ngepet Pig Graves in Depok

Depok – An animal that is considered by the citizens as the hog is the hog in Depok, West Java (Jabar), was killed and buried. The police have checked the truth of the animal. Pig ngepet itself does not exist scientifically. Monitoring detikcom, On Wednesday (28/4/2021), a number of police officers from the Sawangan Police … Read more

Willing to be naked to catch a Ngepet pig, residents are shocked to see the size is getting smaller and finally slaughtered

The pig that was allegedly made up and secured by residents in Bedahan Village, Sawangan, Depok City, Tuesday (27/4/2021). (Source: TribunJakarta) DEPOK, KOMPAS.TV – A video shows that a resident in the Bedahan area, Sawangan, Depok, West Java, allegedly caught a swine. The pig was seen locked up by residents in a bamboo cage. The … Read more