Kiril Petkov: Nobody disputes the right of Northern Macedonia to identity

Kiril Petkov In no way do we question the identity and language of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov told Macedonian Sitel TV, quoted by MIA. Asked what his position is on the Macedonian language and people, he stressed that Bulgaria is the first country to recognize Northern Macedonia as an […]

Tokayev attacks Nazarbayev: ‘He created class of rich’ – Europe

He president of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, accused his predecessor Nursultan Nazarbayev of having favored the creation of “a class of rich people even by international standards“According to the Russian state news agency Ria Novosti, the president of Kazakhstan Tokayev has instructed the government to create a list of companies and major oligarchs that will annually […]

3.7 thousand people detained in Kazakhstan

Mass arrests in Kazakhstan Large-scale arrests took place in the Republic. Meanwhile, military personnel from different countries, mainly Russian, continue to arrive in the country. In Kazakhstan, security officials detained 3,706 people. This was announced on Friday, January 7, by the Khabar-24 TV channel with reference to the so-called Operational Headquarters for Combating Terrorism. On […]

Chief of Staff: We are reaching out to Northern Macedonia

Lena Borislavova PHOTO: Facebook We are reaching out to start a constructive dialogue. This was stated by Lena Borislavova, Head of the Political Cabinet of the Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on the topic of our country’s relations with the Republic of Northern Macedonia. She assured that the Bulgarian position will continue to be well defended […]

The festichola in Olivos, the theft of vaccines and the open end of the Republic

In a small book, which is strictly speaking a fairly long interview, entitled Kissinger on Kissinger, the almost hundred-year-old statesman seems to conclude, responding to his interlocutors, that the art of politics consists in finding a haven of optimization between what is fair and what is possible. Between what we consider our principles, and the […]

The Parque Nativo de Terrazas shines thanks to hard daily work

The more than 600 workers that make up the Program of the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure carry out an intense work so that the species that adorn the Government House are kept in perfect condition throughout the year. It includes fertilization, pruning, permanent irrigation and the construction of new trails, among other care […]

Deutsche Welle: Bosnia and Herzegovina on the verge of disintegration?

Photo “Deutsche Welle” 25 years of peace are at stake: the Republika Srpska parliament votes to secede from the central government in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This should happen within six months, he wrote Deutsche Welle. Over a quarter of a century after the bloody ethnic war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, fears of new conflicts have […]

The Landscaping Plan continues to beautify different sectors of the province

The crews of the Afforestation and Landscaping Program dependent on the Route Control Entity are working on the Terrazas del Portezuelo property and on the margins of the provincial highways. “Currently, tasks are being carried out in the different hills that surround the park of the Terrazas del Portezuelo property, general weeding, clearing, renewal of […]

This Monday the Alfalfa 2021 Expo opens in Villa Mercedes

This Monday and Tuesday, the Alfalfa 2021 Expo will take place. During the event, the Province will disclose the actions carried out to reverse the environmental problem in the Morro Basin, a measure that not only showed positive results, but has also expanded the national and international marketing of Alfalfa, in its different varieties. The […]

61 cases of the new strain Omicron in the Netherlands

COVID-19. PHOTO: Reuters About 61 cases of COVID-19 identified among passengers arriving in the Netherlands from the Republic of South Africa (South Africa) yesterday are likely to be on the new Omicron variant. This was announced today by the Dutch health authorities, quoted by world agencies, BTA reported. According to the National Institute of Health […]