YouTuber Kelly MissesVlog: Threatened by a stalker

Kelly never felt “cool” at school, as she remembers: “To be the one who is the center of attention. That was my perfect breakout. ”YouTube should finally change that. With small videos, she takes her fans into her life – and she has success. After graduating from school, social media becomes her full-time job – […]

ZDFinfo TV program: Sensational find in Brazil (documentary)

The history of settlement in America must be rewritten. Sensational finds in Brazil show that people lived on the double continent much earlier than previously assumed. For a long time, research assumed that ice age hunters from Asia immigrated to the American continent on foot over a land bridge 12,000 years ago. In the Brazilian […]

Horror in one of the worst hotels in LA

Berlin – Anyone who wants to lie hungover on the couch on a Sunday and needs food for lounging around has to resort to the incredibly exciting Netflix series “The Cecil Hotel”. The true crime documentary consists of four episodes and lives from the “wow!” Effect. What’s the matter? About the “Cecil Hotel” in Los […]

Photos: Queens of New York

11 photos They fight discrimination on the street and proudly defend the legacy of their ancestors. Together they reinforce the social fabric of a multicultural city. Workers, entrepreneurs and activists who are portrayed by Camila Fálquez for the Fashion Special of ‘El País Semanal’ as queens of the whole world. .

ZDFinfo TV-Programm: Hollywood Stories (Doku)

Kylie Jenner documentation USA 2019, 30′ content At the age of ten, Kylie Jenner becomes an involuntary sidekick on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. She is the half-sister of Kim, Khloé and Co. Today the entrepreneur has long left her half-sisters behind when it comes to success. After a childhood in the […]

[영상] I wiped it off with’Chinese leek’ tissue…

The second search term is’pigmented green onions’. It is a market in China. The green onions on sale are wiped with tissue paper, and the green pigment comes out. It turned out that the part that was wiped off was light, but I applied green pigment to make it look fresh. Some merchants argued that […]

ZDFinfo documentary about the torn America

Mainz (ots) – The storm on the Capitol showed the world what the anger is causing the supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump to take to the streets. Until the very end, the elected president fought against his election with all means – his lawyers fought in courts to stay in office. The […]

Drama about the son of “Goodbye Germany” emigrants

Updated December 9, 2020, 6:23 a.m. Drugs and Corona make life in Florida difficult again for “Goodbye Germany” emigrant Rainer. After many strokes of fate, he fights for his son Leon and for his company. The VOX documentary shows the operator of a flight school between hope and fear. You can find more celebrity news […]

Coronavirus. Cloth masks would not protect teachers enough

Are teachers sufficiently protected from their students, when the epidemic of Covid-19 spreads ? 32 establishments and 524 classes, have already closed, according to the report drawn up Thursday morning September 10, by the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal. No, denounces the SNUipp, the first union of school teachers in a press release: Contrary to what […]