Torture in Kharkiv region: police lieutenant colonel dismissed

Photo: National Police of Ukraine In Kharkiv region, a policeman knocked out a confession of murder from a detainee The National Police Officer was officially declared suspected of torture. He can go to jail for 10 years. In the Kharkiv region, a police lieutenant colonel who tortured the detainee was fired. This was announced the […]

Musk named the launch date of the Starlink service

Starlink will launch in October The global network of Internet coverage Starlink is scheduled to officially launch in October. SpaceX chief Elon Musk said that the official launch of the Starlink satellite service will take place in October. Musk wrote about this in his Twitter-channel. So, answering a question from a social media user about […]

In Afghanistan, the Taliban raised their flag over the presidential palace

Earlier, the Taliban changed their minds to hold the inauguration of the government Earlier, the new Taliban “prime minister” officially opened the work of the interim “government” in the country. Taliban members raised their flag over the presidential palace in Afghanistan on the same day the US and the world commemorate the 20th anniversary of […]

Rashkov: Mrs. RI toured schools and arranged for principals to vote for

Boyko Rashkov PHOTO: Velislav Nikolov The regional directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Sofia has received a signal from principals of schools and kindergartens in the Sofia region, in which it is reported about abuse of office by Ms. RI, who works in the relevant regional department of education. There are reports that the […]

Belarus will be deprived of citizenship for “extremism”

The corresponding decree was signed by Lukashenka Naturalized Belarusians for participation in protests are now officially allowed to be deprived of their citizenship. Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree that provides for the deprivation of citizenship “for participation in extremist activities.” In particular, the document refers to foreigners who have received Belarusian citizenship, informs press service […]

Search operation for victims of house collapse in Miami completed

The search at the crash site continued for a month Officially, 97 people became victims of the tragedy. Another woman, possibly the 98th dead, is listed as missing. A month after the collapse of a 12-story residential building in the American city of Surfside, Miami-Dade County, Florida, rescuers stopped looking for the bodies of the […]

The media learned about the first human death from bird flu in India

Фото: The Times of India The child was taken to the institute on July 2, but could not be saved India has experienced repeated outbreaks of avian influenza over the past 15 years. But so far in the country there have not been officially recorded human deaths due to this disease. The first human death […]

A boat with tourists sank in a Turkish resort

In Turkey, during an excursion boat trip along the coast of Fethiye, 50 meters from the Belchekiz beach, a boat sank. There were 38 people on board at that time. As a result of the accident, a 2-year-old boy died, and two more adults were injured. On Monday, July 5, reports TRT news. Three people […]

US troops leave Afghanistan’s largest base

US military coordinated support for their mission from Bagram airbase The airbase will be officially handed over to the Afghan government in a ceremony on Saturday, July 3. US and NATO troops have withdrawn from the largest military base in Afghanistan. On Friday, July 2, reports Reuters citing a Pentagon spokesman. All US and NATO […]

Vlad Tenev enters Wall Street

Vlad Tenev PHOTO: Reuters The highly developing online investment service “Robinhood”, created by the Bulgarian Vlad Tenev, has officially submitted documents for registration on “Wall Street”, BNT writes. The service, which is especially popular with younger investors, saw phenomenal growth during Covid-19, but also met with controversy. Robinhood’s revenue grew 245% in 2020 to $ […]