▷ POL-BOR: Rhede – the driver had drugs with him and in his blood

03.02.2021 – 11:57 District police authority Borken Roadstead (ots) According to his own admission, a driver smoked smoke in Rhede on Tuesday. Police officers checked the 23-year-old in the city center in the evening. There was a distinct smell of marijuana in the car – the driver finally admitted to having consumed the drug on […]

▷ HZA-KR: Customs and Federal Police joint action against illegal employment …

03.02.2021 – 12:30 Main customs office Krefeld A document 21_02_03_Zoll_Krefeld.pdfPDF – 430 kB Krefeld (ots) Together with the Federal Police Inspection in Kleve, customs officers from the financial control of undeclared work in Krefeld and Mönchengladbach checked a trading company in the Viersen district on February 2, 2021. The operation was triggered by a check […]

Lars Tönsfeuerborn missed qualification

Warendorf (pw) – That was probably nothing with the coal and the ticket for the fifth continent: Lars Tönsfeuerborn (30), who grew up in Warendorf, missed the qualification for participation in the “jungle camp 2022” in Australia on Friday evening. In the final of the preliminary rounds of the “jungle show” of the television station […]

▷ POL-BOR: Bocholt – Internet dates cost Bocholt a lot of money

31.01.2021 – 12:43 District police authority Borken Bocholt (ots) In the summer of last year, a Bocholter met a person on a dating platform who posed as a woman living in Kenya and an heiress of millions. In order to be able to preserve the inheritance, however, she still has to call in a lawyer, […]

Setback for Düsseldorf: 1: 2 at the bottom

Würzburg (dpa) – Fortuna Düsseldorf has had to put up with a strong damper in the promotion of the 2nd Bundesliga. Exactly one year after taking office with the Rhinelander, the team of coach Uwe Rösler lost at bottom of the table Würzburger Kickers with 1: 2 (1: 1). After captain Rouwen Hennings’ opening goal […]

▷ POL-WAF: Telgte. Driven a car without insurance and under the influence of drugs

29.01.2021 – 11:44 Police Warendorf Warendorf (ots) On Thursday noon (January 28, 2021, 1.30 p.m.), police officers checked a 31-year-old driver in Telgte. The Telgter was driving on Brinker Damm. During the inspection, the police discovered that the car was not covered by insurance. They also asked about the man’s fitness to drive. He admitted […]

▷ POL-MK: Beware, data thieves! | Press portal

28.01.2021 – 08:37 District police authority Märkischer Kreis Märkischer Kreis (ots) Data thieves steal identities. Unfortunately, this is now also everyday life in the Märkischer Kreis. A 57-year-old Lüdenscheider was surprised on Wednesday about mail from a bank. In it, the bank confirmed the “consent to being contacted for information purposes”. With the best will […]

168 training courses in one day

Ahlen – Fit for the virtual classroom: The teachers at the municipal comprehensive school received further training on distance teaching. Teachers at the municipal comprehensive school in Ahlen completed 168 advanced training courses in just one day. “It doesn’t get any more digital than this, and it doesn’t get any more individual either,” says the […]

NRW: Weather service warns of squalls

January 21, 2021 at 6:58 am Fallen trees reported : Weather service warns of squalls in NRW <!– <!– <!– Squalls must also be expected in the Düsseldorf area. (Archive image) Photo: dpa / Marc Herwig The German Weather Service has warned of gusts of wind in NRW. The region is also affected. <!– The […]