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Art gossip: A famous artist is sleeping with Haifa Wehbe and a follower: O son of the lucky one.

Arts – Yasmine Yassin wrote on Wednesday 19 October 2022 21:06 – The statements of the Egyptian artist Mohamed Waziri, former business manager of Haifa Wehbe, that she lived with him in a house and he treated her as husbands because she was his wife, he caused a great wave of controversy, especially after Haifa’s exile won her marriage to him.

The hashtag Haifa Wehbe has spread the trend, on Twitter, among its supporters, asking the judiciary to take it back from the “Waziri” that stole 62 million pounds from her – according to her – while some attacked her because she did not deny relationship with the Egyptian artist, but she denied marriage.

Muhammad Waziri said that he married her three years ago and that she lived with him in a house, noting that the problem with her started due to the shooting of a movie.

Waziri added, in a telephone interview to the Hekaya program presented by the media, Amr Adib, that he had married Haifa Wehbe since 2017, but their relationship was strained before the filming of the film “The Ghosts of Europe” began. saying: “I was surprised by his departure before the completion of the film and he does not want to travel to Europe”.

He continued: “Haifa and I did not separate, and we lived in the same house, after which he asked to travel abroad and confirmed that when he returns, he will officially announce the separation.”

She added: “I didn’t want to announce the wedding, and I was her husband before I was called her manager and I have the marriage certificate.”

Haifa also recently told the same program that he is currently in Lebanon and cannot travel to Egypt due to the Corona virus crisis, but during this time he asked his lawyer in Egypt to write a report against my minister because of the his seizure of her home registered in her sister’s name and resident there, explaining that the sheriff who went to try the case retracted him for no reason.

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