Surprising move: Tesla has sharply reduced the prices of new cars

Automaker Tesla has cut the prices of its electric vehicles in Europe and the US, the company’s website said Automotive News Europe. In Germany, Tesla cut the prices of the Model 3 and Model Y, the world’s best-sellers, by between 1% and almost 17%, depending on the configuration. Elon Musk’s company also cut prices in […]

Watch.. “A citizen” tells the story of having 4 blind children.. and his reaction when he was surprised by his daughter after she was born “without eyes.”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The citizen, Muhammad Al-Abdul-Hadi, narrated the story of having 4 blind children, indicating that they only wear cosmetic eyes. He said during an interview with the “Yahla” program: “My daughter, Munira, is 20 years old, and when she was born, there was confusion in the hospital, because she was born without eyes.” And […]

This is what I found about him when I visited him • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Journalist Mahmoud Moussa, editor-in-chief of Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper, revealed the latest developments on the health of artist, Adel Imam. Moussa reassured the public about the artist’s state of health, emphasizing that he is in good health. The journalist has denied, what was reported recently, about the rumors about the artist’s state of health, […]

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when they called me on the phone”

In December 2021, Sharon, from Sunderland, and her husband Paul booked a stay in New York through a travel agency for the end of 2022. Meanwhile, for some stupid VAT reason, Sharon had to order a new passport . The concern (or not, it depends), is that Sharon’s marital status changed between December 2021 and […]

China’s post-2000 snooker champion has been revealed to be severely sentenced: banned for several years and directly stripped of professional qualifications – yqqlm

Original title: China’s post-2000 snooker champion to be severely sentenced: banned for several years and directly stripped of professional qualifications On January 5, Beijing time, according to media reports, Yan Bingtao, the post-2000 Chinese snooker champion, was suspected of manipulating the game: he will be heavily sentenced and stripped of his professional qualifications. Currently, 10 […]

An accident blocked the “Trakia” AM in the lane from Plovdiv to Sofia…

A car crash on the Trakia highway in the Plovdiv to Sofia lane is currently making traffic difficult, it was reported.24 hours”. The crash site is the 77th kilometer of the highway. The API confirmed that there was an accident involving cars, but traffic was not disrupted, as traffic was lightly trafficked and cars were […]