Colruyt limits the sale of flour and oil, Lidl canned vegetables and toilet paper

– © fvv – Colruyt, the largest supermarket chain in the country, limits the sale of flour and oil due to the high demand for both products. There are no shortages, the supermarket emphasizes. Lidl also restricts the sale of a range of products. Other retailers don’t limit sales – Source: BELGIAN Today at 15:18— […]

For another week or two, Putin will not go to negotiations,

In dialogue with the Russian authorities, the parties will have to make compromises. – Kremlin head Vladimir Putin is not in the mood for a truce with Kiev. In the next week or two, this is definitely not worth expecting, said Vadim Denisenko, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, reports “channel […]

Tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky enlists to fight Russian troops

MEXICO CITY (appro).– “Of course I’m afraid! I have three children,” commented former tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky, after joining the territorial brigades that will fight the Russian military to defend the city of kyiv, in Ukraine. The 36-year-old former tennis player, who in 2013 defeated Roger Federer and was ranked number 1 in the Association […]

Nuclear weapons against the West? Putin would use them if war in Ukraine drags on, US warns

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, could threaten to use nuclear weapons against the West if you continue the strong ukrainian resistance to the invasion of Russia, according to a new analysis of the Defense Intelligence Agency Pentagon. “The prolonged occupation of parts of the Ukrainian territory threatens to exhaust Russian military forces and reduce its […]

NSDC proposes to expel Russia from UN Security Council – UNIAN

Oleksiy Danilov is convinced that the NATO summit will make a decision in favor of Ukraine. Danilov proposed to expel the Russian Federation from the UN Security Council /photo from UNIAN – Alexei Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, believes that Russian Federation should be removed from the UN Security Council. He […]

6 airlines flying abroad remain in the country – UNIAN

Flights are made to Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. 29 foreign airlines from 20 countries now operate flights to Russia / REUTERS photo – Six Russian airlines today they still continue to operate international flights, despite the sanctions of the whole world against the criminal actions of the Russian Federation. This […]

Russia deceives Syrian militants to the front – UNIAN

Syrian fighters are promised that they will carry out police functions in the occupied territories, but in fact they are involved in hostilities. Recently, more than 30 militants arrived at the Khmeimim military base from Russia, who were injured in battles in Ukraine / photo from UNIAN – Russian command in Syria was instructed to […]