Surprise! New Year in Istanbul cheaper than in Devi …

A three-day New Year’s holiday is 15 percent cheaper in Istanbul than in Devin. This was calculated by Monitor on the basis of offers on online booking platforms. Nevertheless, Bulgaria remains the most preferred destination for our people due to the serious anti-epidemic restrictions abroad. The most significant interest is in the guest houses, which […]

Istanbul Stock Exchange Stops Due to Lira Fall

Turkey continues to devalue national currency The only Turkish stock exchange twice automatically stopped trading due to the strong fall in the index. The Istanbul Stock Exchange on Friday, December 17, suspended trading twice after a wave of selling that brought down the main BIST100 index. According to the press service of the exchange, trading […]

Turks in line for cheap bread as inflation melts their savings

PHOTO: Reuters At a time when the value of the Turkish lira is collapsing and violent inflation is melting Turkish savings, many people in Istanbul are waiting in line for cheap bread in an attempt to save some money from their budgets, Reuters reported, quoted by BTA. In the Sultangazi district, where they traditionally support […]

Attempted coup in Turkey: detained 134 people

Photo: The attempted coup, according to the authorities, took place five years ago In Ankara and Istanbul, suspects in organizing a coup d’etat in the country in 2016 were simultaneously detained. In Turkey on the morning of Tuesday, November 30, at least 134 people were detained on suspicion of involvement in the activities of […]

Protests in Turkey: Demanding Resignation of Government

People check exchange rates at currency exchange offices in Istanbul The Turkish lira fell to 13.45 per dollar, hitting an all-time low. This sparked massive protests in Ankara and Istanbul. Massive protests began in Turkey. Citizens took to the streets in Istanbul and Ankara to demand the resignation of the government in the face of […]

Turkey protests over lira collapse – protesters demand government resign

“There has never been such a catastrophe in the history of the republic,” said Kemal Kilidaroglu, leader of the opposition Republican People’s Party, blaming the fall in currency against President Recep Erdogan, who has led the country since 2003. By the evening of November 23, 13.4 lire was given for one dollar. After a record […]