Paratroopers showed how they destroy enemy equipment along with crews

Photo: screenshot Nikolaev paratroopers destroy the enemy – – The soldiers of the anti-tank unit and the artillery of the Nikolaev brigade of the DShV also joined in the destruction of the enemy equipment and its landing force. Nikolaev paratroopers destroyed five pieces of enemy equipment: a tank, two infantry fighting vehicles, an engineering obstacle […]

Peskov answered the question about the military situation in the Russian Federation

Photo: kremlin-ru Peskov also said they would not announce the mobilization – – Earlier, the media reported that Russian authorities are discussing the possibility of introducing martial law in the country. “No decision has yet been made to introduce martial law in any region,” he said. Peskov also added that so far there are no […]

The invaders are gradually withdrawing – OK South

Photo: Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces APU continues the counter-offensive in the south – – The Ukrainian army is gradually securing new liberated territories in the south of the country. The Russian invaders are gradually withdrawing into southern Ukraine, said the head of the joint press center of the defense forces of the “South” […]

Ukraine will not advance on the territory of the Russian Federation – MOU

Photo: Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ukraine is fighting for its territories, not invading Russia – – Ukraine is waging a defensive war and is only returning its territories, the Ministry of Defense recalled. Ukraine will not attack the territory of Russia, he has declared Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar on Friday 23 September. […]

Protests against the mobilization have begun in Russia

Photo: social network Protest rallies in Russia – – The police arrived in the squares and central streets of Russian cities, some streets were blocked and the first arrests of dissatisfied people began. Protests have begun in Russia due to the partial mobilization announced in the country today. More and more videos appear on the […]

In the south, the enemy is eliminated from all borders: the APU

Photo: Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces The military does not report on the progress of the counter-offensive in the south – – There are heavy battles in the Kherson region, but the military leadership does not reveal their results. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are knocking out invaders from all southern lines, the head of […]

The invaders left Kremennaya – Gaidai

Photo: The Luhansk region awaits the onset of unemployment in the region – – The Russian invaders have left some settlements in the Lugansk region, but the Ukrainian armed forces have not yet arrived, says the head of the Grape. The Russian occupiers have completely left the Kremennaya Lugansk region, Luhansk OVA President Serhiy […]

Zelensky: This wintertime will decide our future

“We see the contours of restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity and the extensive-time period safety of our men and women. And we know that it is totally doable to do so,” the president stated. In accordance to him, this path “demands resistance, a path on which we can’t allow for the weakening of our unity, mainly […]

In the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian armed forces innovative 50 km – Normal Staff

The staff of the occupation troops in civilian apparel vacation resort to desertion and test to return to the territory of the Russian Federation, experiences the typical workers. The Typical Employees of the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a summary of the Russian navy invasion on Friday early morning, 9 September. The enemy concentrated his initiatives […]