Valentino Rossi already in paranoia

Nolan Grand Prix of Made in Italy and Emilia-Romagna (Italy); Grande Prémio do Algarve (Portugal); Motul de la Comunitat Valenciana Grand Prix (Spain). Three races, just three meager Grands Prix, and a career in MotoGP from Valentino Rossi will be finished. A relationship with MotoGP which has lasted for more than 25 years, made up […]

Just Be Realistic About the Chances of MotoGP World Champion 2021

Jakarta – Rider Ducati, Francesco Bagnaia, it is realistic to look at the competition to reach the title MotoGP world champion 2021. The opportunity was closed before in Austin. In the race MotoGP USA 20221, Marc Marquez is the winner. At the Circuit of The America, it was Yamaha rider, Fabio Qurtararo, who finished second. […]

You’re Playing Young Racers’ Lives!

loading… AUSTIN – Frontman MotoGP, Valentino Rossi criticized the decision of the Moto3 operator at the 2021 US GP to repeat five laps after the first crash. Because, it actually led to a fatal accident for the second time. Also Read: Jack Miller accuses Joan Mir of deliberately crashing his motorbike at the 2021 US […]

Acosta Fly 6 Meters During Accident in MotoGP America

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Moto3 Racer, Pedro Acosta admitted to flying up to a height of six meters as a result of a fatal accident in American Moto3 at the Austin Circuit, Sunday (3/10). Acosta is one of the drivers who fell victim to Deniz Oncu’s maneuver. Acosta and Andrea Migno were blown into the […]

Miller accuses Mir of deliberately crashing in 2021 American MotoGP

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ducati Racers, Jack Miller judging the defending champion Joan Mir like deliberately trying to bump into himself on American MotoGP at the Austin Circuit, Monday (4/10) early morning Indonesian time. Miller was angry because he was hit by Mir on the last 15 laps of the corner. Miller, who was turning […]

MotoGP, Bagnaia: “I know where I lost the title and it wasn’t in Austin”

Bagnaia tries not to break down, but he knows very well that Austin’s third place, behind Quartararo, has practically extinguished his hopes for the title. With three races still to run, the 52 points that separate him from Fabio are a wall that he will hardly be able to climb, unless something unpredictable happens. Despite […]

Moto3 accident, Valentino Rossi: ‘Some riders are crazy, stay at home’

Valentino on the penalty to the Turk who risked a massacre in Moto3 in Austin: “The dangerous ones are always the same. Giving the red flag was a mistake, they turned the race into a Russian roulette “ For Deniz Oncu the words of Valentino Rossi will weigh, and a lot. Because the nine-time world […]

Miller Almost Beats Mir After 2021 American MotoGP

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ducati rider Jack Miller furious after being hit by the defending champion Joan Mir from Suzuki in racing American MotoGP at the Austin Circuit, Monday (4/10) early morning Indonesian time. Miller’s anger was seen after the race when the two chatted on the motorbike before returning to the garage. In the […]