Meaning of 21 + 42 = 63 at the Celebration of the World Champion Pecco Bagnaia

Jakarta – In the midst of the celebrations of Francesco ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia who became the 2022 MotoGP World Champion, the sum of 21 + 42 = 63 was written. What does it mean? These numbers are Pecco’s starting numbers during his career in the Grand Prix of all classes from Moto3 to MotoGP. Pecco himself […]

Rossi attacks Marquez back to the Bagnaia Moment of the MotoGP World Champion

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Valentino Rossi respond to the accusations Marc Marquez on the brutal duel of the two in MotoGP Malaysia 2015 when accompanied by Francesco Bagnaia he became world champion in 2022. Rossi and Marquez have been deadly enemies since their clash in 2015. So far the rift in their relationship is not […]

Quartararo turns off the TV, Bagnaia Celebration is not seen

Valenzano – Fabio Quartararo they must renounce the world title MotoGP 2022 fall into the hands Francesco Bagnaia. Although sincere and congratulated, pilot Yamaha he could not see the celebration of his rival. In view of the Valencia MotoGP, Quartararo had to face a difficult situation. He collected only 235 points up to the 19th […]

Bagnaia World Champion, Ducati acquires the 2022 MotoGP title

Jakarta – World champion title MotoGP 2022 reached up Francesco Bagnaia complete the title obtained Ducati in this season. Previously, they also secured the constructors title, team champion title and rookie of the year status. Bagnaia took the title after finishing ninth in the Valencia MotoGP which took place on the Ricardo Tormo circuit on […]

MotoGp: Bagnaia on Ducati is world champion – Moto

Francesco ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia, on Ducati, is MotoGP world champion. The certainty of the title arrived in Valencia in the last GP, in which the Italian driver finished in ninth place, while the French Fabio Quartararo did not go beyond the fourth Bagnaia brings the world championship back to Italy 13 years after the last triumph […]

Profile of Francesco Bagnaia, Rossi’s student that Italy needs

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Francesco ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia born to bring Italy back to the MotoGP scene after becoming world champion MotoGP 2022. A Valentino Rossi student who really saved the face of Italy. The dominance of the Spaniards is really evident on the MotoGP stage. Since the MotoGP era began in 2022, there have been […]

Starting grid MotoGP Valencia 2022: Jorge Martin Pole

Valenzano – Definitive series MotoGP 2022 held today in Valencia. Giorgio Martino he will lead the starting grid as a pole sitter. Valencia MotoGP 2022 be the closing series of this season’s world championship. The race will be held at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Sunday (11/06/2022) at 20.00 WIB. Jorge Martin took pole after being […]

Are you looking for a World Champion, Bagnaia or Quartararo?

Jakarta – MotoGP 2022 already entered the final series in Valencia. Who will be the world champion, Francesco Bagnaia or Fabio Quartararo? After failing to talk about the 2022 world champion in Sepang two weeks ago, MotoGP will order him at Circuit Ricardo Tormo on Sunday (11/06/2022) WIB evening. The fierce rivalry between Bagnaia and […]