Aurubis will invest 20 million euros in its solar park near Pirdop

German copper producer Aurubis has announced plans to invest a further 20 million euros to expand the capacity of its solar PV plant at the company’s Pirdop site to 24 MW from the current 10 MW. As a first step, the company will invest 12 million euros and spend another 8 million euros to acquire […]

Where does the sun rise first on planet Earth?!

December 6, 2022 2:26 pm The sun doesn’t stop moving on the horizon, but where does the sun rise first? The first explanation that comes to mind is that the first region of the earth from the east is the one that receives the sun every morning, but the matter is much more complicated than […]

NASA upgrades the solar energy system aboard the International Space Station

US National Aeronautics and Space Administration astronauts «NASA», from the installation of a new solar energy generator in International Space Station.‏ Read also: The beginning of the “Cosmic Tomato” experiments on the International Space Station Astronauts, Josh Cassada and Frank Rubio, installed the “EROSA” solar panel outside the station after working for about 7 hours […]

“People without panels are children”

ANP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 20:23 Thom Ofeikens Economics editor Thom Ofeikens Economics editor The regulation that has been needed for years to make solar panels more financially attractive is no longer needed and is becoming increasingly unfair. That’s what energy companies and experts say. This is the so-called offset agreement. “People without panels are the goat,” […]

Saint-Gobain buys solar energy from TotalEnergies for its North American sites

French building materials group Saint-Gobain announced Tuesday that it has signed a contract with TotalEnergies to purchase solar electricity over a ten-year period for its industrial sites in the United States and Canada. The contract, drawn up for a power of 200 MW,should reduce the CO2 emissions related to electricity (so-called scope 2 emissions according […]

Natural gas prices increased 2 times, how to spend this winter in Germany_Heating_Energy_Firewood

Original title: Natural gas prices have risen 2 times compared to how Germany spends this winter [ 家住德国北部小镇吕田堡的玛丽亚去年完成了自己小家的建造,她家约150平方米的屋顶铺满了太阳能发电板。“这里邻近北欧,每年即使到5月依然需要暖气,有了这套太阳能取暖系统,可以保证全年的暖气和热水免费使用。虽然额外支付了设备和安装费,但是有政府补助还是划算的。”玛丽亚告诉记者。 ] As a mid- and high-latitude country, Germany officially entered a six-month warming period starting in October. According to the latest data from the German price comparison site check24, the average price of natural gas in Germany […]

Propane gas, heated floors and solar panels

and adds that the current situation is also interesting in that pellet heating is even more expensive than propane gas. “I admit that the wood chips might be cheaper, but some units are needed to heat it, so it might not be suitable for a small park. It would be more suitable for a real […]