Fake Green Passes for 100 euros on the web: the anti-vaccine business

Demonstrations, processions, torchlight processions. But also a business worth tens of thousands of euros, which started in Europe and now also landed in Italy. After the last decree with which the government made the Green Pass since 6 August, the fraud of false certifications has exploded online and on social networks. The Postal Police is […]

away to the single national model

A single form, valid throughout Italy, for the communication of the start of works. The government accelerates on Super bonus 110% which, according to what the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, explained two days ago, could be extended (provided that the financial resources are available) until 2023. In reality, the measures introduced in the decree […]

Taxes, change VAT and goodbye Irap: also simplify taxes

Mario Draghi he had specified the frame. The tax reform, he explained, will be designed on the basis of the objectives to be achieved. And yesterday, in the Finance Committees of the Chamber and Senate, Economy Minister Daniele Franco outlined the objectives that the tax reform that the government is preparing to approve will have […]

9 million families give up

Over a year after his birth and halfway through his potential life, at least on paper, the Superbonus 110% he spent less than 20% of his $ 18 billion dowry and lost 80% of his original followers on the street. Too many stakes and too many unknowns. A maze of fulfilments and requirements for tax […]

yes to restaurants indoors with a dose, in the gym and disco will serve the recall

With 38 million “green pass“Already downloaded even for the presidents of the Region it is difficult to get in the way. The pass requirement will begin to be introduced from Monday, for all indoor activities. So, barring last-minute second thoughts, even for those wishing to access indoor bars and restaurants. It will not be necessary […]

the post that worries followers

Luciana Littizzetto go back to the hospital again. The comic, shoulder of Fabio Fazio a Che Tempo Che Fa posted a shot from the hospital bed. «And I’m still here. Of course…»Quotes Vasco Rossi the presenter to give the news to his followers. In December 2019 Luciana was the victim of a fall on the […]

from Riccione to Sicily. Controls in Sardinia

While the fear of the Delta variant has already raised the cancellations of Italians ready to leave for holidays abroad and several hundred of our young compatriots are stuck in isolation between Spain, Malta and Dubai, also in the Peninsula there are several small outbreaks in the holiday resorts or among tourists – often very […]

no distancing for vaccinated pupils

In class with books on the bench and the green pass in the backpack. The possibility of avoiding distancing in the classrooms is evaluated school whether vaccination coverage will be adequate. There are only two months to go, in some regions even less, for the Italian students to return to class. Provided they can do […]

take off in October, we start with 52 planes

Green light for Ita from Brussels. With the take-off, and it is finally an official date, October 15th. It starts with 52 planes and 2,750-2,950 between pilots and flight attendants, even if the numbers are still dancing. It will reach 5,750 in 4 years, while for maintenance and handling respectively 2,650-2,700 and 1,100-1250 hires are […]