Watch out, Ben Affleck! Is JLo’s ass insured?

Jennifer López has turned 52, and in 2020, when she was still living in her Miami home and confined with Álex Rodríguez, she would not be able to imagine how she would celebrate it: spending the summer in Saint-Tropez with the love of his life, who once lost and who has returned to it through […]

Thinking about having a child: Technology ally of couples suffering from infertility

Reproductive medicine has undergone important advances, thanks to the new technologies applied, this has allowed progress in different fields of the Assisted reproduction, Smart incubators, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and the preservation of long-term fertility, today are possible thanks to a young science that allows offering fertility treatments with greater chances of success. Reproductive technology makes […]

Half-naked couple FALL from a balcony in the middle of a fight: STRONG VIDEO

The terrifying moment when a couple fell from their balconies and sank 7 meters into the pavement after having a fight, was videotaped and has gone viral in the last few hours. Related news The images show Olga Volkova y Yevgeny Karlagin, both 35 years old, fighting on the floor of the second-floor balcony of […]

11 celebrity couples who got engaged but never made it to the altar

They seemed to be happy, very in love and with a desire to reach the altar, however, after various situations, suddenly the flame of love went out and their marriage never materialized. There are many celebrities from the world of show business who, after living a torrid romance, formalize their relationship and decide to walk […]

Wedding at first sight: The background to the couples’ retreat

According to “”, participant Annika explained in an Instagram livestream why the media withdrawal is not so rare. She says: “That has nothing to do with the fact that they no longer want to have anything to do with ‘wedding at first sight’, no, they just have a private life, an everyday life.” In fact, […]

Love always triumphs: these are the longest-lasting couples in Hollywood

In Hollywood, in addition to creating films, they have also formed some of the longest-lasting couples on the international scene. Many have extrapolated that good tuning in front of the camera to maintain a relationship in their private lives and even to start a family. This is the case of actors like Meryl Streep, Tom […]