Monika Bagárová on Long-Distance Relationship and Future Plans

Monika has a background in Brno and Leo in Karlovy Vary, where he works. For now, they only visit each other and each lives in their own. “We have facilities both there and there. For now we are visiting each other, we will see where we move in the future. We are already thinking about […]

Bagarova shouldn’t have done this! Can Monika withstand envy and malice?

She is praised as a singer, rather criticized as an influencer. Monika Bagárováwho has been singing since the age of 15, has achieved many successes in her professional career, and her reward is the luxury she has built up over the years. Monika is happy with the car. Not so much her fans! • Instagram […]

Bagárová is in love again. They don’t hide their love with their new boyfriend

Monika Bagárová, in love, glows with happiness. This week she started appearing in public with her new boyfriend, as confirmed by an anonymous source to the editorial team. The singer admitted the information to Bleska. Singer Monika Bagárová hasn’t really had it easy behind her. After a difficult relationship with an MMA fighter Macmudem […]

Muradov has hope for a return. But Bagárová talks about toxic love

– Earlier, the wrestler Makhmud Muradov from Uzbekistan applied for permanent residence in the Czech Republic, but without success. Now the Czechia canceled his visa, even though the wrestler has a daughter Rumia there and was supposed to have several matches in Europe. But it looks like he will be able to go to the […]

Murad’s surprising words: Monika is probably not surprised!

While Monika Bagárová in his statement on the breakup with the MMA wrestler Makhmudem Muradovem stated that the couple suffered from many problems incompatible with building another common future, Mach did not seem to be able to face the break-up of the union with the beautiful singer! Sports Christmas: How is Muradov, Plíšková and Němeček […]