Castañeda Zavala, researcher on the Mora Institute, dies

Castañeda Zavala, researcher on the Mora Institute, dies

The researcher on the José María Luis Mora Institute, Jorge Castañeda Zavala, died this Sunday in Mexico Metropolis. A specialist in “problems with the lifetime of the folks of the world, the financial system and worldwide relations of America”, as this Institute outlined it, he was the creator of all kinds of educational analysis, books … Read more

Polda Metro Jaya Police Response Requested Facilitation Payment by Investigators

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Polda Metro Jaya (PMJ) opened his voice regarding the confession of Bripka Madih, who admitted that he had been asked for facilitation payments when reporting a case of expropriation land. Madih’s confession went viral on social media. In his confession, he said that Rp. 100 million was requested so that the … Read more

What does the new thriller offer?

Franziska Tobler and Friedemann Berg investigate a violent crime in the suburban crime scene idyll. Is it worth lighting the new Black Forest thriller? Commissioner Franziska Tobler (Eva Löbau) and Commissioner Friedemann Berg (Hans-Jochen Wagner) for the “crime scene”. Photo: Christoph Schmidt / Archive – dpa-infocom GmbH A.D the essentials in short The new crime … Read more

Youthful guy attacked in Crotone: dynamics disclosed, particular person exchange – Calabria

An trade of individual was at the origin of the assault of Davide Ferrerio, the 20 year outdated from Bologna who was on family vacation with relatives in Crotone and who was diminished to loss of life. This is what the investigations coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Workplace and carried out by the Crotone Cellular … Read more

Brigadier J’s girlfriend was questioned twice at the police station and her cellphone was confiscated, what about Ferdy Sambo’s wife?

Monday, July 25, 2022 – 02:00 WIB – Vera Simanjuntak, Brigadier J’s girlfriend (center) told what Brigadier J told her on Friday (8/7/2022) afternoon. Photo: Deki/, JAKARTA – Police officers have examined each pair of Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J and Inspector General Ferdy Sambo. Latest, girlfriend Brigadier JVera Simanjuntak was questioned by … Read more

Elena killed by her mother ‘As if someone had taken possession of me’ – Sicily

He confesses before the carabinieri and the prosecutor’s office: “I killed Elena”. With a series of stab wounds in the neck and back. Then this 23-year-old mother took the little body, put it in black bags and buried it in the ground near her house. Martina Patti collapsed after a whole night of interrogation. But … Read more

In the US, Biden and his wife were evacuated due to the overflight of a private plane / GORDON

The incident occurred 120 kilometers from Washington, on Rehoboth Beach on the Atlantic coast of Delaware. The plane flew into the limited airspace (this is called standard practice) in this area by mistake, in connection with which a brief evacuation of the president and first lady was carried out. Biden and his wife subsequently returned … Read more

Police take action against the Al-Zein clan in North Rhine-Westphalia

May 4, 2022 at 6:17 am Large-scale police operation : Huge raid against the Al-Zein clan in North Rhine-Westphalia – The police are conducting a raid against clans in NRW. (icon picture) Photo: dpa/Fabian shrub – – Düsseldorf More than 100 investigators have been searching premises in several NRW cities since Wednesday morning. The investigations … Read more

Moments of Police Arrested by Masses While Delivering Calls to Kiai Jombang’s Son Suspect for Obscenity

A viral video clip of police ambushing in front of a boarding school in Jombang, East Java, Thursday (13/1/2022). (Source: Special via JOMBANG, KOMPAS.TV – A video circulating on social media shows plainclothes police officers being intercepted as they enter the Shiddiqiyah Islamic Boarding School Complex, Jombang, East Java, on Thursday (1/13/2022). In the … Read more

Four Hours at the West Java Regional Police, Habib Bahar Detained Immediately?

Monday, 03 January 2022 – 16:27 WIB – Habib Bahar has been at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters for four hours to undergo an examination related to the hate speech case, Monday (3/1). Photo: Nur Fidhiah Shabrina/, BANDUNG – Habib Bahar bin Smith fulfills the summons of the West Java Regional Police investigators … Read more