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Polda Metro Jaya Police Response Requested Facilitation Payment by Investigators

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Polda Metro Jaya (PMJ) opened his voice regarding the confession of Bripka Madih, who admitted that he had been asked for facilitation payments when reporting a case of expropriation land.

Madih’s confession went viral on social media. In his confession, he said that Rp. 100 million was requested so that the report could be investigated.

Not only hundreds of millions of dollars, Madih also admitted that the investigator also asked for a 1,000-meter piece of land.

“It is true that there was a statement made by the person concerned,” said Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko to reporters, Thursday (2/2).

Furthermore, Trunoyudo said that currently Polda Metro Jaya is still investigating further regarding Mahdi’s confession.

“Polda Metro Jaya will investigate this,” he said.

This video of Madih’s confession was also uploaded to the Instagram account @jktnewss. In the video, Madih also expressed her disappointment.

“Disappointed because of what, my parents have reported almost a century of land grabbing to Polda Metro Jaya, why were they asked for investigation fees, asked Madih, a police investigator who asked Madih, not my parents,” he said in the video.

Another disappointment, said Madih, was that the request for money and land befell her, who is also a police officer.

“And why is this disappointment because I myself was asked by the police for investigation fees and prizes,” he said still in the video.



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