What does the new thriller offer?

Franziska Tobler and Friedemann Berg investigate a violent crime in the suburban crime scene idyll. Is it worth lighting the new Black Forest thriller?


the essentials in short

  • The new crime scene in the Black Forest will air on Sunday.
  • Franziska Tobler and Friedemann Berg investigate a small town crime.
  • Is it worth turning it on?

Franziska Tobler (Eva Löbau, 50) and Friedemann Berg (Hans-Jochen Wagner, 53) investigate the “crime scene: the looks of others” (18:11, 20:15, the former). You were called to an alleged crime scene in the suburban idyll of a small town of Breisgau.

That’s what “Tatort: ​​The Opinions of Others” is about.

A marriage bed covered in blood, no dead bodies, but there is no trace of a father and his son. The stoic behavior of Sandra Vogt (Lisa Hagmeister, born in 1979) particularly confuses inspectors Tobler and Berg.

This is while trying to resolve the family tragedy …

Is it worth turning it on?

Yes. A successful classic thriller awaits viewers. You can spend a lot of time puzzling with detectives what happened in the house.

Investigators so far often a bit clumsy this time present themselves as nice but also very intelligent police officers. We can only hope that this case marks a kind of new beginning in this sense.

The “crime scene” is part of the ARD themed week “We Wanted! – What Keeps Us Together?”, Which will be announced on Sunday morning with the children’s program. All associated programs in a wide variety of formats focus on this. that holds society together and where this is difficult.

In “Tatort: ​​The Views of Others” it is evident how much Sandra Vogt has not been integrated into the community. And what did this “D’Sandra is only d’Sandra” done to her.

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