List of 14 People Affected by OTT in the Bekasi Mayor’s Bribery Case

Jakarta – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) describes dozens of parties who were arrested OTT Mayor of Bekasi Rahmat Effendi or Pepen. The dozens of parties consist of the private sector to the Bekasi City Government ASN. “In the arrest activity, the KPK secured 14 people on Wednesday (5/1/2022), at around 14.00 in several areas […]

When Rita Widyasari Was Asked by Azis Syamsuddin, Confessed to Bribery Stepanus Rp. 8 Billion: What is the Context of the Story?

Convicted in the bribery case of granting a plantation location permit in Kutai Kartanegara, Rita Widyasari walks out after undergoing an examination at the KPK Building, South Jakarta, Wednesday (3/7/2019). The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has investigated the former Kutai Kartanegara Regent in connection with the Money Laundering (TPPU) case. Rita Widyasari admitted that she […]

Scandal! Football Slavia allegedly promised Berbra a million for the title

The server published a transcript of police wiretaps, in which Slavia, the former sports director Jan Nezmar, who ended up at the championship club last summer, mainly figures Slavia. According to the file, the former influential red-and-white functionary was in frequent contact with both Berbr and the former sports director of the then second-league Vyšehrad, […]

Russian businessmen suspected of bribery of the President of Guatemala / GORDON

The Russians decided to give a bribe to get a dock in one of the main ports of the country. Giammattei is not under investigation because they did not start the impeachment proceedings, the department said. Giammattei’s spokeswoman Patricia Letona did not comment on the situation. According to Associated Press, prosecutors issued an arrest warrant […]

Sri Mulyani Raises Her Voice on the Probolinggo Corruption Case

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani speak up about the alleged case corruption within the district government Probolinggo. “Corruption is the main enemy and common enemy in achieving the goal of just prosperity,” said Ani, her nickname, through the official Instagram account @smindawati, Saturday (4/9). He revealed that the increase in financial […]

17 Suspects Who Bribed Probolinggo Regents Brought to Jakarta

Probolinggo – A total of 17 suspects who bribed Regent of Probolinggo brought to Jakarta. Their departure was accompanied by the cries of the family. Previously, the dozens of suspects were questioned for almost 12 hours at the Probolinggo Police Headquarters. Then at around 21.30 WIB, they were brought to the office NCP, Jakarta. When […]

KPK Names Banjarnegara Regent Budhi Sarwono Suspect

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has appointed the Regent of Banjarnegara, Central Java, Budhi Sarwono as a suspect in the alleged corruption case related to the procurement of goods and services in the Banjarnegara Regency Government for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. “After the KPK conducted an investigation, we found sufficient preliminary […]

22 Suspects Arrested by KPK from OTT in Probolinggo but Only 5 People Arrested

Jakarta – KPK named 22 people as suspects bribe related to the sale and purchase of the position of the village head or village head in Probolinggo Regency. Of the 22 people, only 5 were detained by the KPK. “KPK has named 22 suspects in this case,” said Deputy Chairperson of the KPK, Alexander Marwata, […]