La Jornada Maya – Evicted from Lerma face Layda Sansores

Campeche> Politics Jairo Magana 10/21/2021 | San Francisco de Campeche With the scoop that the governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores San Román, already had knowledge of the situation with the properties surrounding the Campeche Police Academy and the irregular settlement known as Tierra y Libertad in Lerma, evicted residents attended an event of delivery of […]

Clashes in Rome, police officer who beat a demonstrator denounced

a Police officer showed up spontaneously this morning at the police station after being immortalized in a video in which he hits a demonstrator on the ground during last Saturday’s demonstration in Roma. In other images he can be seen while he is among the demonstrators a Piazzale Flaminio. The policeman will be reported to […]

Use: shock video, police drag paraplegic out of car – North America

A paraplegic African American is dragged out of his car and held on the ground by police officers in Ohio. The episode was filmed on a policeman’s body cam. According to the filmed sequence, Clifford Owensby, 39, was arrested on a suspected drug case. He is asked to get out of the car but Owensby […]

Puebla has more than 2 thousand patients waiting to receive an organ

(Photo: Special) Pilar Bravo / News Tribune08/23/2021 , 5:42 pm Puebla, Pue.- In Puebla there is a State Transplant Council where requests to obtain an organ are concentrated, mainly kidney, so that during 2020 donation and transplantation actions were suspended; however, they have already been opened and the IMSS has begun receiving organs at the […]

Payroll for management positions in the Ministry of Interior. According to DNA, a former head of the Police Academy has admitted to paying bribes instead of his son

The information appears in the ordinance of the DNA prosecutors regarding the criminal investigation started on the name of the chief commissioner Marian Iorga, former commander of IJP Prahova and IJP Călăraşi, quoted by According to the quoted source, the main inspector Mihai Andrei Manta, the chief commissioner Ioan Ionuţ Cătălin and the deputy […]