Brigadier J’s girlfriend was questioned twice at the police station and her cellphone was confiscated, what about Ferdy Sambo’s wife?

Monday, July 25, 2022 – 02:00 WIB

Vera Simanjuntak, Brigadier J’s girlfriend (center) told what Brigadier J told her on Friday (8/7/2022) afternoon. Photo: Deki/, JAKARTAPolice officers have examined each pair of Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J and Inspector General Ferdy Sambo.

Latest, girlfriend Brigadier JVera Simanjuntak was questioned by the Bareskrim Polri investigators on Sunday (24/7).

This is Vera’s second examination before investigators.

Vera was questioned at the Jambi Regional Police Headquarters for six hours and left the police station at around 18.46 WIB.

“This is a follow-up examination from the previous examination, which was asked about our client’s communication with Brigadier J,” said Ramos Hutabarat after accompanying Vera at the Jambi Police Headquarters, Sunday (24/7).

The examination is related to the case of the death of Brigadier J, in the incident where the police shot the police at the official residence Inspector General Ferdy Sambo.

“This is a follow-up to the previous investigation, which was asked about our client’s communication with Brigadier J,” said Ramos.

Apart from being checked, said Ramos, Vera also handed over her iPhone to Mr investigator.

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