Putin answered Zelensky if he could discuss his article with him / GORDON

“If there is a desire to debate, I think that they need to take a break, carefully read it first, this article, analyze, raise the documents, I think they will do so, they will find something to talk about here,” Putin said. According to the RF President, it is “rather difficult” to argue with his […]

Libya, “hell” for women on their way to Europe

Sexual slavery, for Aïcha, only happened to others, in television reports. But when she found herself in Libya, locked in a room after having fled a difficult life in Guinea, she believed herself “screwed”: “I had left a nightmare to fall in hell”. For many migrants, Libya, which since 2014 has become a hub to […]

A completely naked babe went wild, smashed the bar, and finally … VIDEO 18+

A naked woman smashed a bar and hit the police with bottles, writes “Monitor“, referring to the” Daily Mail “. The action took place in Florida, USA. Tina Kindred, 53, behaved “uncontrollably”, turned tables, climbed naked on the bar and then started breaking, throwing bottles of drinks on the floor. Police arrived on the scene. […]