rescuers finally reached the workers trapped under the rubble

news-id-116996" style="display:inline;">Rescuers have finally reached a group of workers who have been underground since November 12 after a tunnel collapse in northern India. People will be brought to the surface one by one, reports.

As he writes The Guardian On November 28, Indian rescuers are finally ready to rescue 41 people from the rubble of a collapsed tunnel in the city of Uttarkashi. The workers spent more than 17 days under the rubble.

People will begin to be pulled out from under the rubble one by one using wheeled stretchers. They will be lifted to the surface through a pipe 90 centimeters wide. Work on laying pipes through which workers will be taken out of the tunnel was successfully completed on November 28.

Workers were given food, water, oxygen cylinders, flashlights and other necessary items through pipes. But until now, rescuers have not been able to get into the underground cavity in which the people were located and make a passage wide enough for the workers to be lifted out. After a drilling rig brought from the United States broke down, the rubble had to be cleared manually.

Once the workers are brought to the surface, they will be immediately sent to the hospital. Relatives and more than a dozen doctors are already waiting for them outside, who will provide them with emergency assistance if necessary. The men themselves, who have spent more than two weeks underground, remain in good spirits.

The whole world has been following the fate of the 41 workers since November 12, when the tunnel collapsed. Previously, attempts to break through to people trapped underground had failed several times. Rescuers decided to resort to extreme measures and began to drill the rock vertically, after which a day later they announced success.

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