How to calculate the 10 km radius to leave your home during confinement?

COVID-19 Hauts-de-France are once again confined. This time, it is a radius of 10 km which applies to the inhabitants of the Region for their outings. We explain how to calculate it. Posted on 03/19/2021 at 11:33 am With the new containment measures, it is possible for the inhabitants of Hauts-de-France to leave their homes […]

GERB withdraws from protest in front of presidency on Wednesday (Obzor)

Boris Borisov The organizer is the head of the MMA federation Stanislav Nedkov Resigned Prime Minister Boyko Borissov insists GERB supporters should not protest in front of the presidency on Wednesday. It is organized by the chairman of the MMA federation, Stanislav Nedkov-Stucky, who on Tuesday called on people to come out and “replace the […]

Pablo Carreño’s odyssey in Australia: he can only leave the hotel to train

Carreño and his companions remain practically locked in their hotel rooms. The man from Gijón related it like this on Monday on his Instagram account“Here we are still in the room in Melbourne where we are quarantining, we have not left for three and a half days, in which I have had four PCRs. They […]

Big breasts goddess shows off her “pink” milky “pink”

Popular hot model Yumi.K has a sweet appearance and a hot body. She often posts eye-catching photos on social networking sites. She has more than 1.03 million followers on IG and was named a goddess of big breasts by fans. She recently shared her experience of being harassed in the past. But he focused on […]

European scientists reported on a new variant of coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

A new variant of the coronavirus, which was first reported in June, has spread to European countries. Now in some of them the number of infections with this variant of the virus prevails over the rest, said a group of Swiss and Spanish scientists. Their publication posted on the medRxiv portal. According to them, the […]