FCRJ Looks to Overcome Defeat in Second Leg Against Barrage in Neuchâtel

After more than 2,000 spectators watched the first Barrage game in Grünfeld, the second leg is now in Neuchâtel. The 3-1 defeat is a burden, but hope is definitely not over yet. Maybe the Barrage games write their own stories – Xamax is the best proof of that in recent history. Maybe it will grow […]

Nine young students recognized for remarkable achievements in competitions and Olympiads

The young people and their companions were welcomed by government councilor Stefan Kölliker, head of the education department, and Tina Cassidy, head of the office for secondary schools. The nine students did an extraordinary job. They had prepared themselves intensively for their competitions and competitions and achieved more than the actual target. The awards, prizes […]

Remembering Tina Turner: The Daring Smile and Smoky Voice of a Legend

The terrific singer and stage artist has died at the age of 83. She had had a string of hits with her husband Ike Turner in the 1960s and 70s and worked through their difficult marriage before becoming one of the most successful solo artists in middle age with the chart hit “What’s Love Got […]

Switzerland Claims Victory but Struggles in the Middle Third against Norway

After Leonardo Genoni at the start, the second goalie Robert Mayer also celebrated a shutout. However, he was the only Swiss to be satisfied with what was shown. After a solid and superior start third, Patrick Fischer’s team gave up the game in the middle third. Suddenly too hesitant Instead of extending the actually reassuring […]

Tips for Finding the Right Vacation Rental at the Right Price

OUR ADVICES – Holiday supply has expanded considerably, but prices are on the rise due to inflation and very localized demand. Our tips for finding a rental in the right place and at the right price. « With the new “rooms” category, we are reconnecting with our founding philosophy of sharingannounced Brian Chesky, CEO and […]

Understanding Your Rights: Appealing Summons for Military Service in Ukraine

The lawyer explained which of the men can appeal against the decision regarding the service of the summons. Lawyer Rostislav Kravets stressed that every person liable for military service should be aware of their rights and explained how to behave when handing over agenda and why men under 27 should not worry. About this lawyer […]

“Discover the Breathtaking Beauty and Excitement of Rapperswil-Zurichsee: One of Switzerland’s Top Tourist Spots”

The region is one of the top spots in Switzerland With breathtaking pictures and first-class video productions, Rapperswil Zürichsee Tourismus conveys an image that not only arouses longing among foreign tourists. The tourism region offers everything your heart desires. mountains, lakes, Photospots and Events which attract an audience from all over Switzerland. Tourist DNA intact […]