160,000 euros in damages for thefts of agricultural equipment

It is the gendarmes who unveil the results of their investigation this Wednesday morning on their social networks. In the nights of August 21 to 22 and from October 05 to 06, respectively in the municipalities of baskets and Néac, thefts of agricultural equipment are reported to the gendarmes. Soldiers from the departmental gendarmerie groups […]

Zoya Amirin’s Tips Are Really Bold, Men Won’t Come Out Quickly

GenPI.co – Clinical sexologist Zoya Amirin M.Psi.,FIAS got a question from a man who complained that he quickly left when playing love with his wife. It is known that the man and his partner are in a long-distance relationship and rarely meet to let go. He specifically answered the man’s question in the educational video […]

Prof. Ognian Kunchev: The lockdown should be introduced immediately

Prof. Ognyan Kunchev, mathematician from BAS “The data coming out on Monday over the weekend are not accurate, but in fact we have at least 4,000 infected at least who have shown symptoms,” Prof. Ognian Kunchev, a mathematician at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, told BNR. “These 4000 are the visible part of the iceberg, […]

Marshel likes to be sucked in & out in glasses, Nikita…

GenPI.co – Artist Nikita Mirzani curious about the world of ahem-ehem from the comic Marshel Widianto. Because, Marshel can be said to be a man who was recently circumcised, even though he is already an adult. This can be seen in the video that aired on August 17, 2020 on the Crazy Nikmir Real YouTube […]

A car-free day in Angers to promote cycling

9:27 am by Alicia Méchin This is a great first this Sunday, September 19, 2021 in Angers… A car-free day is organized, on the occasion of heritage days. The opportunity also to promote cycling! The city will combine culture and mobility. On the occasion of this car-free day, the municipality is setting up free public […]

How to calculate the 10 km radius to leave your home during confinement?

COVID-19 Hauts-de-France are once again confined. This time, it is a radius of 10 km which applies to the inhabitants of the Region for their outings. We explain how to calculate it. Posted on 03/19/2021 at 11:33 am With the new containment measures, it is possible for the inhabitants of Hauts-de-France to leave their homes […]

GERB withdraws from protest in front of presidency on Wednesday (Obzor)

Boris Borisov The organizer is the head of the MMA federation Stanislav Nedkov Resigned Prime Minister Boyko Borissov insists GERB supporters should not protest in front of the presidency on Wednesday. It is organized by the chairman of the MMA federation, Stanislav Nedkov-Stucky, who on Tuesday called on people to come out and “replace the […]