4 dogs dead after poisoning, police warn owners about sausages

Since the end of December, four dogs have died in Tilburg as a result of poisoning. The police reported this on Friday. On Friday morning, poisoned sausage was found in the park next to the Von Weberpad in Tilburg-North. And also on Friday, the police received a report that a dog had been poisoned. A […]

Service dogs ate poisoned sausages and were rescued in the nick of time

Service dogs Ilax and Cilla ate the poisoned sausages on Friday morning, which appear in Tilburg and which the police warn against. Jan van Raak immediately took the labradors to the vet and that was a good thing: “The fact that we immediately made them vomit there saved them.” Jan let his husband Eric’s service […]

Burglars and agents crash during chase

Three suspects of a car burglary were injured late Monday evening during a chase by the police in Veghel. The suspects’ getaway car crashed into a tree after the driver lost control of the vehicle. This happened around eleven o’clock at Het Ven in Veghel. The three suspects were taken to hospital with unknown injuries, […]

112 news: collision in Beek en Donk • further investigation into Dinteloord riots

The fifteen men and boys who were arrested in Dinteloord on New Year’s Eve for throwing heavy fireworks at enforcers have been released. However, the stocking is not over yet. The police are continuing the investigation, writes mayor Ruud van den Belt of the municipality of Steenbergen. Two of the enforcers may have suffered permanent […]

Tanker catches fire after collision with car: N279 closed for a long time

Traffic on the N279 must take into account that this road near Beek en Donk will remain closed for the time being. A spokesman for the province, which manages this road, does not rule out the possibility that the road repair will take until late at night. The road surface was damaged after a fire […]

112 news: GHB maker arrested in Breda • police investigate man’s death

A laboratory for the production of GHB was found in a house on Frans Heijlaertsplein in Breda. In addition, 25 kilograms of raw materials for narcotics were seized. The resident, a 29-year-old man, will receive a police report. Twelve reports of nuisance had been received about the building in the past six weeks. Partly because […]

Suspect injured after being arrested on A20, police fired several warning shots

Someone was injured in an arrest on Schieplein in Rotterdam on Wednesday afternoon. During the arrest, during which warning shots were fired, one of the two suspects became ‘unwell’. He was injured and taken to hospital. The car in which the two suspects drove was seen by the police on Capelseweg just before 13:00. The […]

112 news: truck burnt out along A50 • woman robbed on the street

A truck, which was parked in a parking lot along the A50 highway near Schaijk, was largely burned out on Tuesday morning. The driver has been injured. The report came in around ten past eight, after which the ambulance, police, trauma helicopter and fire brigade were called in. The truck is in the Ganzenven parking […]