Sri Lanka made it easier for tourists to enter the rules

Photo: Vaccinated Ukrainians will be able to visit Sri Lanka Fully vaccinated tourists from October 1 will not be able to take a PCR test for coronavirus. Sri Lanka exempted fully vaccinated travelers from having to take a PCR test for coronavirus upon arrival in the country. It is reported by Colombo Page. Those […]

COVID-19 “potion” creator dies in Sri Lanka

Фото: Getty Images Man developed complications from coronavirus White treated sports stars, show business representatives and leading politicians in Sri Lanka with his concoction. In Sri Lanka, a shaman died from a coronavirus infection, who allegedly created a “magic potion” that protects a person from COVID-19 Eliantha White. About this on Thursday, September 23rd. informs […]

Sapphire worth Rp1.4 trillion found while digging a well in the yard

A large sapphire worth more than IDR 1.4 trillion was found while digging a well behind a house in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. (Source: BBC) RATNAPURA, KOMPAS.TV – A sapphire believed to have a value of more than 100 million US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 1.4 trillion was found in the yard of a house. […]

The World’s Oldest Civilization and the Lost Continent of Kumari Kandam

Hindi Gita Press Mahabharata The Bhagavata Purana (500 BC — 1000 AD) tells the story of Manu/Satyavrata, the Dravidian ruler who survived a flood after building a boat guided by God (similar to the story of Noah and his ark). However, this book does not refer to a specific location or community.—Many people certainly […]

Viral, Sri Lankan Army Forces Muslims to Kneel on the Street

loading… COLOMBO – Military Sri Lanka launched an investigation today (21/6/2021) after posts that went viral on social media showed soldiers forcing Muslim men to kneel in the street. The army’s actions were claimed as punishment for violating the COVID-19 lockdown. Armed soldiers ordered Muslim civilians to raise their hands in the air while kneeling […]

Deadly flooding in Sri Lanka. Photo report

Flooding in Sri Lanka Rivers in the southern and western plains of the island overflowed their banks, flooding low-lying areas and forcing thousands of people to move to relief centers. In Sri Lanka, rains and floods caused landslides, which killed at least 17 people and fled their homes in tens of thousands. It is reported […]

Still clears quantities of plastic on Sri Lanka beach after ship fire

– This is probably the worst beach pollution so far in our history, says the head of the marine environmental protection authority in the country MEPA, Dharshani Lahandapura. Thousands of military and security personnel are still cleaning the beaches of plastic waste and other debris from the ship, which caught fire on May 20. Authorities […]

Tons of soiled pellets have washed over popular bathing beaches

The Singapore-registered container ship X-Press Pearl, which is anchored off the port of Colombo, started burning nine days ago. Heavy black smoke is still rising from the ship, and the fear is that 278 tonnes of bunker oil will leak into the sea. Soldiers from the country’s navy, equipped with protective suits and bulldozers, are […]

The Next India? These 6 Asian Countries Are Also Facing The Explosion of COVID-19

Jakarta – The COVID-19 rampage in India the middle of the world spotlight. But in fact, several other countries in Asia also experienced a similar increase in cases. Indonesia is even among them. The World Health Organization recently said the number of positive cases in India accumulatively accounts for nearly half of global cases. Meanwhile, […]