Is Patrick Fiori embarrassed by the fame of his parents on the Internet? His answer will surprise you! on Orange Videos

Like many stars, Patrick Fiori is very active on his social networks. To the delight of his followers, the artist has often shared photos of his parents. For “Le Parisien”, he spoke frankly about his choice … Next video in 5 seconds .

the star confirms that she is expecting her second child on Orange Videos

Star News 9: Thanks so much for watching! If you want more news, subscribe to the channel! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: Kylie Jenner pregnant: the star confirms to expect her second child Music is copyrighted by: Background music used in this channel’s video: Next video in 5 seconds .

July 20 Incident: History of the First Human Landing on the Moon, Here’s the Journey – As is known, humans continue to develop science and technology for an increasingly advanced and better world life. That way, humans can create various kinds of useful innovations to help work and solve problems that are often encountered in everyday life. Not only that, the development of science and technology is also carried […]

Operation Drohne: a very quiet hum

It was such a secret operation, carried out with so much secrecy and diplomatic precautions, silenced by the din of the beginning of a war, that it will not appear in the exhibition Graphic History of the Port of Seville. On September 30, 1936, two months and two weeks after the Uprising, two merchant ships, […]

the singer’s family has grown! on Orange Videos

PHOTO Vianney surprises his fans: the singer’s family has grown! This is very good news that Vianney has just announced on his Instagram account. The singer indeed wanted to introduce a new member of his family. Very happy, the singer proudly posed with! His fans, under the spell, did not hesitate to comment on the […]

who is his companion Travis Barker? on Orange Videos

The Kardashian clan is growing! Not with the arrival of a baby, but with the companion of Kourtney Kardashian. According to information from People magazine, the influencer and reality TV star is in a relationship with Travis Barker. Over the weekend of Jan. 23-24, the pretty 41-year-old brunette and 45-year-old musician enjoyed a trip to […]

This famous singer completely captivated by his wife Claude! on Orange Videos

Didier Deschamps: This famous singer completely captivated by his wife Claude! Next June, Didier Deschamps’ France Team will play in Euro 2020 (the competition has been postponed for a year because of the coronavirus, editor’s note). An important deadline for the sponsor of the Yellow Pieces who hopes to lift the trophy. He will be […]

Sarah Fraisou in tears on Snapchat on Orange Videos

Sarah Fraisou in tears on Snapchat Sarah Fraisou recently made the buzz! Indeed, pretty brunette shared a video of her on her Snapchat account where we could see her swaying her hips. Very very thin, she wrote with humor in the caption: “So happy to fully enter the screen.” The young woman appears transformed and […]

C You: when Indochine refused to open for the Rolling Stones

Indochina celebrates its 40th anniversary. On this occasion, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, Pierre Lescure, Patrick Cohen and their acolytes received Nicola Sirkis in C You, this Wednesday, September 2, 2020. As a reminder, Indochine is the first French group to have filled the Palais de Bercy but also the Stade de France on June 26, 2010 for […]